Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Signs of Spring

I must admit that although rainy city gets me down 75% of the year, there is a glorious 25% that makes me not want to live anywhere else in the world.  And spring is that that 25%

I love spring.  How cliche is that?  Everyone loves freaking spring.  

It makes me walk a bit lighter, smile a bit more, and shop A LOT.  GAH!  I don't know what it is . . . . the smell in the air or the blossoming of cherry trees that inspires me and my VISA to take long walks down Robson investigating the dresses of the season.

Maybe it's the colour.  I happen to like wearing colour, unlike most people in rainy city who insist on black yoga pants as their daily wear.  I also happen to like wearing dresses.  And if you have seen any of the fashion mags this season, you will note that it is the season of colourful dresses.  I think I had a mini-O moment.  

Here's the thing - nothing beats a sunny spring day, cherry blossoms dotting the grey city, the new warmth in the air and stepping out of your downtown condo in a new dress and a pair of high heels.  

Wearing a dress for the first time is like being in your very own episode of 'Sex and the City' - you have this inner-confidence that shows in your wiggle strut.  Your feet are so happy to be out of the Uggs or rainboots, your toes shining with new polish.  The whole world is shiny again and so are you, in your new dress.  The thought of it makes me want to run screaming to Robson for MORE!!

It's like winter releases its shackles on you and you can once more be free!  Free to bare your beauty and your bare skin.  Oh god.  I need to shave my legs again don't I?  And perhaps put some fake tanner on those white puppies.  Also do some leg lifts to tone them.  Who am I kidding?  I'm not ready at all!!!!!!  GAH!

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