Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hop Hop Hop!

Happy Easter bunnies!  Easter is one of my most favorite holidays.  Well, until Halloween rolls around.  Which is also a favorite of mine.  And Thanksgiving.  And then of course Christmas.  Christmas pretty much rocks.

Easter is special though for several reasons:  it is alone and by itself (unlike those clump holidays I mentioned above), it happens in spring, it is pastel-y and pretty, and then of course the MAIN reason:  MINI EGGS!!!!!  Oh, did you think I was going to mention the resurrection of Christ?  No.  But that was good too, if you are into that sort of thing.  

Sidebar:  during one of my year's of faith searching, I found myself at a Good Friday service.  I was more than surprised to realize that it really was like a funeral - but that makes sense I guess.  The woman next to me was a basket case the whole service, sniffling away.  I so badly wanted to lean over and whisper in her ear, "Don't worry, he'll be back in three days" but I suspect that would have been in bad taste.

Back to my point:  MINI EGGS!  Actually, all forms of chocolate on this holiday work.  The Easter Bunny came to my house this morning in the form of the Engineer.  It was just like being a kid again.  Except I couldn't find the freaking eggs!  Unlike my own mother who hid eggs half hard but half easy - so that at least you could feel confident that you would uncover eggs (another sidebar:  you know when you are too old for easter egg hunts when your mother has to write down how many eggs she has hidden in the likely case she will forget where they are), the Engineer proved to be quite a skilled at hiding.  So good that we had to play the 'hot cold' game.  Tricky tricky. Maybe that is a sign one is too old for easter egg hunts.

I firmly believe calories don't count on holidays.  So I have already eaten two bags on mini-eggs, three peanut butter cup eggs, and a chocolate egg that was filled with more mini-eggs.  And a fatburger.  I now feel sick and have an upset tummy.  Back when I was five, my parents would have taken that chocolate away from me after one.  Okay, this is yet another sign that one might be too old for easter egg hunts.

Who am I kidding?  We are never too old for easter egg hunts!  Chocolate, a challenge, eating chocolate in bed?  THIS is why I love holidays.  Oooo, a cream egg!  I just found a cream egg!

ps.  I am going to Target on tuesday to buy a supply of more chocolate that is half price!

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