Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blame the Bride

The best thing about being a bridesmaid is that you can blame your own flightiness or the fact that you bought too many bridesmaid dresses on the bride. It's like having a naughty child that you can blame for always being late. Everyone knows that brides are crazy, albeit not my bride, and therefore you can tell someone the bride changed her mind, roll your eyes, and they totally understand.

Case in point:  I have three bridesmaid dresses for the same wedding.  My own fault I know - but can I help it if prettier dresses keep falling into my hands and making friends with my mastercard?  No.  

I lost a receipt for one of them, and I don't think they do returns anyway, BUT I told them my sob story about my crazy bride switching colours at the last minute.  They felt my pain and gave me a pink one instead!  So cute.  

I know I know, the karma police will get me.  I'm a Buddhist!  I know how it works.  

The funny (and bad) thing is, if you met my friend you would know this is so not her.  If I told her that all I could wear to her wedding was a paper skirt painted in sparkly paint with tinsel hanging off of it she would be totally okay with that.  Well maybe not totally but she would be really good at pretending.

So go ahead!  Blame the bride!  Tell yourself the stress is too much and get a massage.  Tell yourself she wants you to have perfect toes and get a pedicure!  Tell yourself that she wants purple coats now and go buy yourself that coat in the window at BeBe.  Who cares?  The bride demands it.

Too bad you can't write off wedding expenses, or can you?

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