Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Unveiling Inner Bridezilla

Again, my apologies for my lack of writing.  Apparently weddings have taken over my life (more than before) in the form of my own wedding (next week!) and my wedding show (The Wedding Belles) making time at my keyboard more about tulle than blogs.

But here I am, trying to get back on track!

A week before my wedding and I am thinking I can get my blog back on track?

A week before the wedding and I am calling my future husband AKA the Engineer pretty much everyday freaking out (yes, we are not in the same city, country or even continent right now!).  Not that it was much different a few weeks ago.  Or a month ago.

About six weeks ago I received my veil in the mail.  I ordered it off of my favorite, Etsy and went back and forth for quite a while with Tessa Kim, the designer.  I wanted an extra layer, it to touch my shoulders, pouf but not too much pouf - there were a lot of instructions.

I ripped open the box in excitement, thrilled that my wedding outfit was coming together.  What I found was a big piece of crumpled tulle that when put on my head poufed out in all the wrong directions and didn't lay as flat as I had envisioned.

I promptly called the Engineer sobbing telling him how much I hated my veil and how much money I had spent on it.  He told me to calm down and maybe iron it.  I told him I couldn't iron tulle and that it was all wrong and it was too late and I was going to look horrible.

Dramatic much?

I forget what he said then, but I told him I was too busy to listen to him and had to iron my veil.

I wish I had taken my own advice about not ironing tulle.  I melted part of it!  BLURG!  Then I attempted to steam it by puffing out the steam from the iron around the veil but all that did was squirt hot water in my face.

I then texted all the wedding people I knew in a panic and sent out a 911 via Facebook.

And that's when I realized I had been putting it on backward.

Urm, when put on the correct way the veil is perfection.  Just as I asked for albeit now with a tiny krinkled bit where I melted it. 

So I called the Engineer back and told him. 

What was my lesson?  To breathe, calm down and realize it's just a wedding.

Right. Until my lanterns got stuck in Canada Post.  But that's another day . . .