Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dance Lessons

The Engineer gave me swing dance lessons for my birthday: the gift being one part the actual lesson, one part him agreeing to go. I thought it odd that my Engineer who loves to two-step and boogey on the dance floor would be so opposed to dance lessons. Then we went to the dance lessons and I now see why.

If a single gal thought a great place to meet a dance partner would be at a swing dance class - then she would be wrong. Not that the class was full of desperate women without partners, quite the contrary. Men outnumbered us! But not hot men with swivily (umm is that a word?) hips who could spin you around the dance floor. No, unfortunately the place was full of slightly unfortunate men. Men who had breath issues. Men who stare at the floor WHILE stepping on your toes. Men who wear tapered pants that tuck into their sneakers. Or men who stare at your boobs while counting out the steps (men staring at my boobs always unnerves me as I have a tiny rack upon which to stare).

How do I know all these details about the said men? Because we had to rotate partners! GAH! No no no no! I want to dance with the Engineer! That is the whole point of these lessons - so that we learn to dance together.

Not that I need to worry about the Engineer being turned on my any of the other women he is forced to dance with. They all have their own partners and are just as bitter at having to trade.

But the class was fun. I learned the Sugar Push - that just sounds cute. And I was surprised the dance class didn't start a fight between the Engineer and myself - something like that usually would. There was one minor detail that slightly pissed me off. The Engineer who claims to have no rhythm and did not want to attend this class got singled out by the teacher for being an excellent dancer! The teacher must have remembered I was standing there and was the partner, so patted me on my shoulder and said 'You were pretty good too'. Gee thanks.

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