Monday, March 31, 2008

An Ode to the Mini-Egg

In my mind, the most miraculous and wonderful thing about Easter season is not the blossoming of trees nor the birds singing outside my window on a sunny spring morning.  No.  It is the Cadbury Mini-Egg.

It makes me so happy that the marketing gurus at Cadbury are smart enough to put the blessed chocolate eggs on shelves in January -months before Easter - but it makes me terribly sad that they seem to whip them off those shelves on Good Freaking Monday.  Oh wait, that's just called Easter Monday right?

I kid you not that I spent part of Saturday night going into three drug stores and two grocery stores searching for just one freaking little bag of mini-eggs.  But to no avail!  So sad.  I went to three stores today and not one glimmer of hope.  I mean what's the deal?  Why are there left over Lindt bunnies or cream eggs (which I also love) but no mini-eggs???

I mean perhaps this is a good thing.  I have been known to get a 1kg bag at Superstore and eat it all while driving over the second narrows bridge.  When my girlfriend brought out a bag one night, three girls devoured it in no less than two minutes.  Including my one anorexic friend who is afraid to eat lettuce in front of me at times.  No one can resist their candy coated shell - that crunch of pastel with the sweetness of the chocolate in one irresistible bite of sheer joy and happiness.  AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!  I WANT A FREAKING MINI-EGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cadbury's were smart to bring them out at Christmas in red and green or at Halloween in black and orange - but they just don't taste the same.  WHY?  Why is it that they only taste remarkable in those pastel shades????

If anyone has a secret stash or knows of a store in which to purchase these amazing treats - please comment below.  I will be your bridesmaid with no complaining, just for one tiny morsel of goodness.

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Chan said...

I feel your pain! Spent today searching for mini no avail......chose some New York Fries Poutine instead.....