Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Problem with Choice

We all love choice, obviously. What would life be without choice? We'd be plain old coffee drinkers - that's what. No more of this "tall skinny sugar free vanilla latte" (in case you were ever to buy me a coffee) crap. We wouldn't have exciting jobs. We wouldn't go on amazing vacations. We wouldn't buy three bridesmaid dresses for the same wedding.

Yup, that's right. I may or may not have purchased three possible dresses for my good friend's upcoming Cuban nuptials. I blame the bride. Not only did she give us the thumbs up for picking our own dresses for her beach wedding, but the brat went ahead and chose one of my favorite summer colours: pool/turquoise/surf - whatever you want to call it. That lovely aqua-marine colour that suits just about anyone.

Her wedding is five months away and I started to panic at my lack of dress. So when I came across a lovely, yet incredibly simple cotton number that I will in fact wear again, I threw down the Mastercard. I was happy. I had the dress. Then I went into a store on Robson and found this ultra-feminine, gorgeous chiffon number complete with pretty beading. My bladder told me NOT to try on this dress, but my Mastercard cooed in my ear and showed me the way to the fitting room.

I had hope of it looking like crap. Like you know how sometimes you see something so adorable but then when you try it on you resemble a hippo in stripes? I secretly like that. As if it somehow lets me off the hook from having to buy it - because I apparently have no self control. But it didn't. It looked great. And it flowed and swirled and was so freaking pretty I just had to buy it. But now I can't take the other one back! GAH!

AND THEN, I accidentally on purpose went into a store to check out their winter sale. The heartless assholes had the audacity to fill their store with adorable spring dresses. And yes, this pool/turquoise/surf colour is clearly the colour of spring. And yes, I tried on this adorable strapless number that screams: WEAR ME AT A CUBAN BEACH WEDDING! It is all frilly on the ends so it is CLEARLY a mambo/salsa type dress. Hello? I am going to Cuba! Clearly I need a mambo/salsa type dress.

I now have three dresses and yet no shoes. Oh, and perhaps the most integral part of this whole wedding: the plane ticket to Havana. Right. First thing in the morning, I promise . . . . . .

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