Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Update

I am a huge fan of Saturday Night Live.  I haven't always been, in fact I didn't even watch it during the famous years of Will Farrell and Jimmy Falon.  Perhaps because it was that during those years I actually went out of my house on Saturday nights.

I didn't even watch it when Tina Fey did Weekend Update and that makes me sad.

I don't know how I got  into the show.  The Engineer made me, I think. The fact that we are over the blissful honeymoon stage of dating and much prefer greasy chinese and staying in Saturday night to actually going out.  Needless to say, I am now an avid viewer.  It helps that I tuned in to watch the best of female comedians at work - Kristen Wiig, Amy Poeler and Tina Fey. These ladies are goddesses in my eyes.  I worship them and want to work with them.  Unfortunately I am not funny.

This is not the point of this entry.  The point of this entry is to tell you the story of how I met Seth Meyers.  If you do not know who he is, you will not care about the day I met him.  But you should because he is very funny and very cute.  Seth is currently the man of the famous Weekend Update and the one man, besides the Engineer, who really gets my motor running.

Last Halloween, as the Engineer and I were heading home after a long night out, I got on the F Train and who was sitting across from me?  Seth Meyers.  I saw him first and became mute.  Except for when I said to the Engineer, "is that Seth Meyers?".  I was faced with a few dilemas.  One:  Was it rude to approach him and say hello? Two:  I was dressed as a devil.

No one wants to meet their celeb crush wearing a red dress and carrying a pitch fork.  Also, the Engineer told me that it was rude to talk to him.  And yet the Engineer suggested I take a picture.  Ummm?  Hello?  How is it not rude to take an unauthorized photo of someone on the subway?  Hello!  He can see me!  And yet it is  rude to talk to him?

We were approaching the 4th Ave stop, and Seth stood up to get off.  I couldn't let this opportunity pass.  I promptly took off my jacket, pushed up my boobs, and removed my devil mask.  Feeling like a complete idiot, I stepped across the aisle wherein Seth saw me and removed his earphones (that was nice), and I said, "I am so sorry to do this, but are you . . . ?" to which he smiled and said 'yes'.  And I told him, "You make my every Saturday night" which in turn made him smile a huge grin, say 'thank you' and bid me a happy halloween.  

I am the first to admit that I am a complete idiot when talking to people when I am excited - but I am fairly certain that what I said to Seth was super classy and nice.  Albeit on the F train.  The thing about celebs in NYC, is that they just are there.  They like it here because they don't get swarmed.  So as much as I revealed my touristy, small-town self, I think I did pretty good.  

Then I remembered I had a tail.  Super.

Since then I have seen many a SNL star, including Kristen Wiig.  I have no idea what to say to her.  I basically stood their like a slack-jawed idoit watching her and Wil Forte walk past me.  A huge part of me wanted to shout out:  Oh my god, Oh my god (like her Susan character) but held it in.  I suspect she would hate that.  I have seen her a few times, so one of these days, I will figure out something just as classy.  

I suspect if I saw Tina Fey I might poop my pants.  And then ask her to be my best friend.

I now feel a close connection to the show and Weekend Update, as if that little moment was a tiny bond between Seth and myself.  That we are all destined to meet again.  And then this makes me realize perhaps I am one of those crazy people who would, in fact, take a picture of someone sitting on a subway and then worship it.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tudor Obsessed

If you know me, you know that I have the attention span of a gnat and move quickly from subject to subject. There are only three things that keep my attention longer than a bag full of peanut M&M's (in my house that is not long).  The fact that I keep talking about them longer than my usual three minutes have greatly surprised the Engineer, my mother, and my friend little K (not to be confused with Little Kim, whom I do not know).

These three things are:

1.  Sandwiches (I once spent one night telling the Engineer about each sort of sandwich I love.  I would bring the subject up after hours of silence, to the point that he said, "Are you STILL talking about sandwiches?" and put a pillow over his head.  I think I was on heavy medication that night due to a flu because I also told him the pillow over his head was the 'pillow of truth' and proceeded to talk about my love of peanut butter and honey on a folded over piece of wonder bread - and how the best bite is where the rounded bit and the flat bit meet.)

2.  Walt Disney World.  I freaking love that place.  I have been going since I was 9 and I never tire about talking about it, hearing about it, or looking at pictures of it.  When walking along the seawall the other day, I spent well over an hour telling little K just how much I love the place and all the fun things we can do there.  We intend to spend my 30th birthday in mouseland, and although my birthday is still 8 months away, I feel that we can start preparing for the fun now by having me explain every single ride, restaurant and fun thing to do.  I don't understand why Little K walked faster than me.

3.  The Tudors.  This is my new obsession and sadly, Little K has to hear about this one too.  I sound like the girl from American Pie:  And then, one time, on The Tudors.  I am obsessed with the show, the story, the history. Not only have I read every single historical fiction novel out there that has anything to do with the Tudors (ie.  Anne Boleyn or Elizabeth I), but I have read all the history books (well, all the Wikipedia articles anyways), seen all the documentaries, and even walked the Anne Boleyn walk at the Tower of London three times.  

I am clearly obsessed.  

My obsession has been renewed by the fact Season 2 of the AMAZING show is now on DVD and I have just watched it three times in a row. 

 If you haven't watched this show, go out right NOW and rent the first season.  Not only is the acting phenomenal and the writing outstanding, but it is the HOTTEST show on television to date.  Next to Rome anyways.  The first season is dramatic, full of passion and romance, and you feel bad for Catherine of Aragon for ten minutes (the actress is Irish by the way, so her Spanish accent is amazing).  The final scene of the final episode is pretty wild, involving Henry and Anne in the woods, it is very intense.  You think their passion will never die - how did he chop off her head?  Well, that comes in Season Two.

Oh god, Season Two.  It's no secret what happens to all the characters we love, or love to hate, from The Tudors because it's written in history.  They all lose their heads.  But I think the reason I am so obsessed with Season Two and feel the need to talk about it every chance I get, is because of the feeling it left with me. 

Firstly, Henry and Anne's relationship.  Most of us have all been in a relationship that starts out full of passion and love, but slowly, one of you falls out of that and the other is left wondering what happened.  Somehow, in the amazing acting of this show, that feeling you have in real life is the same feeling you get through watching Henry lose interest in Anne.  You can't help but feel horrible for her, because you know you have dated a man just like Henry (well, hopefully not just like him.  Otherwise none of us would have heads).  

Secondly, all the darn beheading.  It's horrible, just horrible.  I felt as if my friends were being killed.  First More, then George, and then finally, Anne.  I must give a hands down bow to Natalie Dormer for her incredible, wonderful, lovely portrayal of Anne Boleyn.  Her last scene is what has made me obsessed and what has peppered my seawall conversations of late.  It just haunts you.  I want to be an actress in a show that haunts its viewers.  That makes people think about it days later.  How incredible is that?

I fear for Season Three, not only has Henry killed all the interesting characters but I feel like stabbing Jane Seymour in the eye.  She is so boring.  Anne may have done some crazy things, but who do we remember best in history right?

Okay, so that is my obsession vented on my blog.  If you read my blog, I urge you to run to Blockbuster and rent the season!  Or, wait until CBC puts it back on the air.  Nah, screw CBC, go rent the DVD's!!!!   Also, if you are in London you must go to the Tower and get the audio tour - you can actually stand in the room Anne waited in and walk the walk to the block while hearing the drum beat in your ear.  Spooky.

My perfect day?  Eating a ham and cheese sandwich, wearing a Tudorian dress and walking through Epcot Centre.