Friday, January 29, 2010

That's Amore!

I have a love affair with Italy.

The food, the wine, the bread, the culture, the language.

And yet I have never been there.

I know right?

I've been many places, but many places in Europe is not one of them.  Namely Italy.

I feel we would get on quite well, Italy and me.  That's why the Engineer and I are going to Italy in the spring for our 'JellyMoon' (due to the fact we can't really take a honeymoon because the Engineer is becoming the Finance/Business/I don't-really-know-what-he-does Man at Goldman Sachs without much time off).  That's why we are going on it now.  And because it is not quite honey, we must settle for jelly.

But Italy is also a place I would consider getting married in.  I mean why not right?  It's Italy!  Have you seen Under the Tuscan Sun?  Or I guess I should be asking if you have read it.  Anyways, after walking out of that movie I turned to my friend Liz (one of my BM's) and said 'I am going to have to buy a house in Tuscany".


Seeing as Europe is somewhat pricey to have a wedding, I was sort of expecting the prices of my Italian dream to come back super high.

But they are not!  AAAAAAAAH!  When things are expensive it's so easy to say, 'no thank you'.

To rent a villa for a week isn't bad.  It works out to be about 200 Euros a person.  Wine is cheap in Italy. And food is plenty and affordable.  I mean the difference between France and Italy is foie gras vs. pasta.

Here comes the amazing part, one of the Villas I want is actually in Cortona.  Where Under the Tuscan Sun is set!  I could have an 'Under the Tuscan Sun' Wedding! EEEEEEEEEE!

Sipping chianti in Chianti - nice right?  I've been talking to Veronika, a super sweet woman and owner of Fonte de Medici, a gorgeous villa and I can't help but think maybe my Italian love affair should start with my actual love affair?

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