Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And the Hunt is On

I couldn’t wait for Kleinfeld’s.  Or my mum.  Or anyone for that matter.  I was itching to try on a wedding dress.

Basically, I have what I want as my wedding dress picked out.  But I feel that as a bride, I should take advantage of this one time in my life when I can spend hours trying on dresses and drinking champagne.  I also feel that what I think will look good and what will actually look good are two different things.

I am on a mission to try on as many styles of dresses as possible.

First stop:  Harrods.  Now I appeased my culture/I am-in-London-go to-a-museum  side first by heading to the Victoria Albert museum.  It was great.

I rushed out, pleased with my cultural self, and popped in to Harrods for a quick look. When I went to school five years ago in London, a friend and I had peeked in to the bridal department then. I had spotted the most beautiful gowns. I vowed to go back when I was engaged.

Ta da!  Now I am! And they NO LONGER carry that Italian designer!  BOO!  For the life of me, I can’t remember his name. 

Whatever.  I decided to check these Spanish duds out.  There was a sale.  Like 80% sale. How awesome would it be to find a dress at Harrods for $500?!!!  Too bad they were all ugly. 

I did spot a dress that on the hanger appeared to have a bustle.  Something I would like to explore as I have a thing for Edwardian/Victorian England. 

I was guided into a huge ‘princess’ room where the girl stayed inside with me.  Ick, first thing I don’t like about wedding dress shopping. I hate people watching me get out of my boots.  It’s sooooo unflattering.  Then I stepped into this dress that had about 2000 yards of fabric.  It was ridiculous!! 

Once I was in, she strapped me in good and tight. The dress weighed about 30 pounds.  One look in the mirror and I knew.  This was not my dress. 

I was sort of disappointed.  I thought I would at least have the ‘oh wow, I am a bride’ moment.  But all I could think in my head was that I looked like a giant, pale meringue. 

Meh.  That was the first one.  I think I will try on one more ball gown just to verify that I am not going to be a puffy bride.

Also:  where are the pink dresses!?

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