Sunday, January 31, 2010

Destination Bride Part Four: Key West

When stalking a friend on Facebook, I noticed he had just been to a lovely colourful wedding where there was white sand and palm trees.  I had to admit my stalking to him to get the venue, but it was worth the embarrassment.

Welcome to choice #4, Southernmost House, Key West, Florida.

Yup, so it's pretty much a pink gingerbread house on a white beach in the land of Ernest Hemingway and gay men.

I love it.

And it's pretty reasonable to rent for the weekend!  Dancing around the pool, sparklers on the beach, pina coladas in hand.  Right?  Sound good so far?

Even the menu is yummalicious!  A mix of Caribbean, Mexican and a bit of US of A thrown in for good measure. 

Therefore, what could possibly be my issue with this heaven?  Well first, you have to fly from Western Canada to Miami and then rent a car to get down.  I think you can fly right into Key West but the whole fun is driving down the Keys because they are so freaking pretty.  Plus the rooms are a bit pricey for me to expect my guests to pay.

But it's pink!  PINK!  Like my ring!  And I bet they have amazing Key Lime Pie.

The best part would be the fact we could play Beach Boys all night long and that would be okay.

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