Wednesday, January 6, 2010

British Invasion. Oh wait, Canadian Invasion

The Engineer and I are happily enjoying our newly engaged status by wanting to spend every minute of every day together.  If I wasn't me, I would totally puke.

Our new status as a newly engaged couple also coincides with some fun British adventures.

This includes the fact that people in England drive on the other side of the road.  It takes me a day or two, but I get used to it pretty quickly.  The Engineer doesn't know which way to look, so he has opted for not looking.  That is his solution.  Don't worry, future mother-in-law, he at least is crossing not so busy streets!

We have a favorite activity:  pubs.

There are two reasons we like the pubs:  they are cute (perhaps my reason) and alcohol is cheap.  Even with the exchange rate.  We go to pubs everywhere.  I think we have been to more pubs than restaurants.

There is one around the corner from us that we head to just for a nightcap.  The only nightcap I am used to is a cup of tea and a facemask!

British pubs are cozy because they are often carpeted, have dark wood, and they are quiet (call me old, but I like to hear the conversation).  And in the winter they serve mulled wine.  How can I not love that?  It's like a fairytale.

If fairytales were for alcoholics.

We decided to play darts at the pub this evening.  That's right.  Darts.  And we have a quiz night on Monday.  Watch out!  We are party animals!

We have also done cheesy things like see 'Sherlock Holmes' on Baker Street.  Where, by the by, the theatre has a cute and funky little bar inside of it.  You can take wine into the movie.  Wine!  Movie!  BRILLIANT!!!

British chocolate is another fun pastime.  I realize it is not so much a pastime as something to eat.  Same thing in my book.  And for whatever reason, British chocolate just tastes better.  Oh, but it's not just chocolate we are filling up on.  It's also Hula Hoops.  Crunchy, salty Hula Hoops.  We 'high five' each other if we go a day without having a packet.  I suspect we are getting fat.

Also, due to the fact we feel our tube passes are expensive, we take public transport everywhere.  Just this afternoon, I made us take a double decker to Paddington Station.  When we left Paddington Station and walked ONE block, I recognized our tube stop.  Ummm?  Wait, a bus drove us in a circle to a place we could have walked to?  Yes.  Damn, I keep forgetting London is like that.

Markets is another new thing for us to do together.  Albeit, we only went to Portobello Market.  I kept singing the song from 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks' much to the annoyance of the Engineer.  The annoyance did not last long as he quickly immersed himself in old maps and pocket watches.  So I sang it to myself.

So far England is quite fun, perhaps because we have been tipsy through most of it.  But wether it's the new ring on my finger, the mulled wine, or the romance of an old city, we have both fallen in love with London.  Again.

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