Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Planning Begins

As stated before, the Engineer is not into the wedding planning thus far.  He thought that by giving me a ring, we could let the wedding talk stop for a bit.  Ummmm, he is crazy.

But he is not the only man with that thinking.

At the dog park the other day I got talking with a  couple about their wedding.  Her husband proposed in New York and even though she was cold and tired, after a red-eye flight, she immediately went to her computer and started to plan their nuptials.  At three in the morning she poked him and asked how many people did he think he would invite.  He rolled over and told her to go to bed.  Apprently, like the Engineer, he had been planning the ring and proposal for six months and the idea of having a wedding was not first thing on his mind.

What are guys thinking? I know they have been planning the engagement for a long time.  But we have been planning our wedding for about 20 times that length so we are very excited to get down to business!

I decided to stop my dress hunt because I feel I should pick a location first (sort of true, the dresses I want to try on are either in Calgary or New York so I am forced to wait).  

And where to have this wedding is becoming the question of the day.

I am now the professional in awesome destinations so I am going to share them with my trusty readers in hopes I inspire some answers/ideas from you as well as perhaps give you ideas for your own wedding.

Some, mostly my co-host on the show, will say that destination weddings are terrible because not all your loved ones can come.  I understand this problem.  And if the Engineer had a smaller family and I had less friends, and we didn’t want an intimate wedding, none of this would be an issue.  As it stands our list is already at 245 people (it keeps growing everyday).  

This may seem really big to some and really small to others.  But keep  in mind this is only immediate family and friends!  This is not friends of parents, co-workers, second cousins to the groom.  This is actually my closest friends, and our aunts/unlces/cousins only.

In my dreams, my wedding has always been small and sweet.  I know that with the profession I have chosen, you would think I would love a day when 300 people tell me how pretty I am and shower me with attention.  Actually this makes me feel uncomfortable and sort of nauseous.

Therefore, having a destination wedding will hopefully mean we have an intimate affair.  Of course, I still really hope my family comes – you know who you are because you read my blog!  And I know most of my friends will come because they love travel and I don’t exactly have to twist their rubber arms. 

So here comes the bride and her dream destinations.

These entries will be titled as ‘DESTINATION BRIDE”


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