Thursday, January 28, 2010

Destination Bride Part Two: Disneyworld Resort

This has been on my list for a long time.  Twenty years long time.

I first saw the Wedding Pavillion from the monorail that takes you from the Magic Kingdom to Epcot Centre when I was a little girl.  From that moment on I always knew the best place on earth to get married would be the happiest place on earth.

Firstly, I am a Disney nerd.  Not the Disney nerd who has Mickey paraphernalia everywhere, but the Disney nerd who owns every single movie and has been to every single Disney park (except Hong Kong - it opened after I was there).  My first time in Europe did I go to Paris?  Versailles?  Well yes, but after I had been to Disneyland Paris.

My mum loves Disneyworld.  My friends love Disneyworld.  And even the fiance loves Disneyworld.

But do we love the Disneyworld weddings?

I don't know yet.  My wedding planner is a bit slow - it takes weeks to get any new information.  Okay fine, days, but I am an anxious bride and I want to plan this sucker!  I suspect when I do get the information, the wedding of my dreams is going to have a serious price tag.

I wish I could say 'we', but the Engineer is still out for the count on planning (this is actually a lie, he participated in guest numbers the other day).  Anyways, I want the ceremony to blend with the reception.  Therefore, we can get married in Italy at Epcot followed immediately by our meal, followed by fireworks, followed by dancing.

Sounds normal right?

Okay, it's $2000 for the wedding venue (normal), another $700 for the reception venue (cheap!), a whopping $125/person for food (aaaaaaaaah!!), and who knows how much for drinking, decor, flowers, etc.  I can't bring in any outside vendors so it will add up quickly as all things Disney tend to do.  It's not that we mind spending it, it's that we mind spending it on the party that isn't exactly what we want.  Like dancing in our barefeet all night long.

The biggest pros of this wedding are that Disney is a great family place for all my family with kids.  It's one of my favorite places and we're guaranteed to have an amazing time.  Just stomping around Epcot with my gal-pals and the Engineer makes me happy.

Hmmm, honeymoon perhaps?  And my friends can come?

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