Friday, January 22, 2010

Pimm's Cup Friend?

As stated before, the Engineer and I are highly enjoying the pub experience.  I don’t think I have ever been to England and enjoyed it so much.  I suspect the lack of smoking is the culprit.  And the cheapish beverages.  As well, that now in my 30’s, I much prefer a drink and conversation to the noise and inflated prices of a trendy bar. 

Another lovely thing about the British pub is the fact that during the winter they offer winter drinks:  mulled wine and winter Pimm's.  WINTER PIMM'S!

We discovered this amazing concoction after a chilly walk through a snowy Regent's Park.  I feel quite confident in saying that nothing on earth is quite so pleasant as a jaunty stroll through the snow and warming up in a cozy Primrose pub sipping warm Pimm's. Surrounded by dogs. 

The only thing that perhaps beats this is a jaunty walk through Regent’s Park in the spring, smelling flowers and the like, then finding refreshment in an airy Primrose pub and sipping Pimm's Number 1 Cup. 

Have you heard of the magic of Pimm's?  I discovered this drink in the summer of 2004 while at school in London.  My lovely Kiwi friend introduced me to a pitcher of Pimm's on a balmy summer evening at a gorgeous pub.  I am sad to say that this pub has since turned into a Starbucks.

Never mind, back to Pimm's.  Lara said, “Do you want a Pimm's cup friend?”  And I had no idea what she was talking about.  Then she placed a pitcher of a light-coloured beverage (think weak iced tea) in front of me.  Into my glass she poured the summer heaven, complete with orange & cucumber slices.  My first sip?  Love.

I then brought Pimms home for my friends.  Mixing pitchers at the cabin overlooking the lake.  My friends also fell in love.  In fact, the day I met the Engineer on a beach, I served up Pimm's.  He didn’t like it.  He couldn’t understand why there was salad in his drink.  But the Engineer is not what I would call a connoisseur of food so I forgive him.

Since then, Pimm's has become quite du jour.  Not that I take credit for its popularity, but it is a funny little coincidence don’t you think?  (For the record, I also loved Cherry print WAY back, before it was ever in – circa 2001 – and flower hair accessories and owl jewelery – maybe I am a trend setter after all?)

Imagine my delight and surprise then, when my Pimm's cohort and fellow lover, and I happened across a pub that served Winter Pimm's. 

I went a bit nuts.  And looked like the biggest tourist ever – taking pictures and asking for the recipe.

Our first sip was magic. A mix of apple cider, mulled wine and a hint of Pimms.  I tried it at other pubs where it was slightly different, but yummy.  Therefore, like its summer sister, I think slight variations are welcome and delicious. 

Do you want to try Pimm's?  You’ll need the recipe but the fun little fascinator is up to you!

Summer Pimm's:

- 1 Bottle of Pimm's (available near the gin, as it is a gin base, at your local liquor store)
- Ginger ale, sprite, or lemonade (or a mix of all three)
- An orange, a cucumber and mint
- Lots of ice.

Put ice in pitcher, fill up half (or more!) of pitcher with Pimm's, and fill the rest of pitcher with mix.  Garnish with plenty of orange slices, cucumber and mint. 


Winter Pimm's:

- 1 bottle of Winter Pimm's (a slightly darker and richer variation.  If not available at your store, go ahead and use regular Pimms)
- Combination of apple, cranberry and pineapple juice
- Cinnamon & cloves (or mulling spices)

Heat juices on stove.  Add spices.  Let boil and get flavour.  Place in cup and add one ounce (or more!) of Winter Pimm's


Don’t blame me if you suddenly start speaking with a British accent and have a strong urge to romp in the countryside.

If you want actual recipes and the history of Pimm's, click here

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