Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Time for Tea

In the hustle and bustle of the big city, it's always nice to find a quiet retreat to take time out and drink my favorite beverage: tea.

On a lovely fall afternoon, Tara and I planned to meet on E 64th at a cute little place called Alice's Tea Cup for scones and tea.  I love love love this place.  They have three 'chapters' - one on the Upper West, one nearer to Central Park and this one (which is also near Central Park).  For $10 you get a large pot of tea (brewed to perfection), two homemade scones (which are massive) with cream and jam.  We both always get a buttermilk scone which is a staple here, and we both tried one of their daily scones:  lemon coconut.  Can you say delicious?

If you find yourself around any of these tea houses after a long day at the Met or shopping at Bloomingdales, they are a great place to pop in for some quiet relaxation.  Or if you want to host a little girl teaparty here complete with fairy wings, you can also do that . . .

The best part about days like these is how they turn out.  Tara and I were only supposed to meet for tea.  But then a walk to Madison felt appropriate.  So we trumbled off to the stores.  Walking along New York avenues at twilight is somehow cosy and comforting.  Strange how this city can feel so homey.  There is something about the early evening, the lights, the preparation for Christmas that feels nice.  Our tea turned to shopping to hot chocolate to Sephora to Rockefeller Center to chicken on rice across from the Hilton.

The best kinds of friends are the friends you don't want to leave so badly that you keep finding more places for fun.