Friday, November 27, 2009

Dessert Awesomeness

It's time for another video.  And the quality keeps getting better and better.  Actually I lie.  It keeps getting worse.

My mum wondered why my clothes change throughout this particular video. I had to explain that I simply couldn't eat three desserts in one day.  I had to break it up, you know?  Well, I probably could eat three desserts but I am certain I would spend the rest of the day sick.  So that's why my outfits change.

Oh, and I also talk about Brooklyn being better.  Better than what you may ask?  I was sort of comparing in to Manhattan.  And I lied about the food being better.  It's as good, just cheaper.  Then again cheaper makes it better right there right?

Also, at Sweet Melissa's I sort of didn't have permission to film, so it's via my computer.  At the Chocolate Room I arrived, ordered and then realized I forgot my memory stick for the camera.  So it was a la computer again.  I was too lazy to walk back to my house in the rain.  Even though I might have burned some of those layer cake calories.  That cake by the way, is probably the best chocolate cake I have ever eaten.  The texture, moisture, level of sweetness.  It took a year for them to perfect it!  You can tell I like it because I have chocolate on my teeth when I talk to you.  Like a messy three year old.  I'm so elegant.

The only place I had it truly together was at Blue Marble, the best ice cream I have ever tasted.  It tastes homemade (as I say).  My dad wonders what that means.  It just means it doesn't taste like the waxy crap you get at the grocery store.

Anyways, enjoy the show.  Desserts in Cobble Hill are amazing - so you should really take my advice!

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Anonymous said...

Loved this one. Starting to feel like you may have found your perfect niche. Seriously. I think it's about to happen...