Friday, August 14, 2009

They're Not All Bad

I must make an amendment to yesterdays rant.

As much as the customer service in New York stinks to high heaven, I am surprised on a daily basis how nice the non-having-to-sell-stamps population is.  There is always a New Yorker willing to help out a tourist  - I've seen it with my own eyes.  Often scary looking men will approach the map bearers and point them in the right direction.  Cute because the map bearers think he is going to mug them.  In dealing with the people of NYC, they are always lovely and do smile.  Even more than those in Rainy City.  No comparison to the likes of the friendly Prairies but I want my New York readers to know that I think you're nice.  Just don't go to anyplace selling or serving wares and you might even mistake this place for Oz.  

And then you'll step in garbage or urine . . . 

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