Monday, August 24, 2009

The Dog Traveller

Traveling from Vancouver to New York has now made me an expert with how to prepare dogs for the plane.

If you have been reading my blog, you know that it has taken some practice. Well, now I got it right.  Almost.

First:  don't give your dogs gravol bought off the shelf at the pharmacy.  That stuff is the NON DROWSY gravol.  So for the past year, I have been feeding my dogs pills that don't do a thing to put them out.  Whoops.  I finally discovered that for the knock-out drugs, you've got to ask the pharmacist.  Feed them half a tablet each in cheese

Second:  walk them plenty before flight.  Best thing to do?  Off-leash of course and let them go crazy.

What is the result?  Mr. Mop was so tranquil going through security I had to WAKE HIM UP!  That never happens. Usually he pants and whines.  This time?  His eyes would barely open when they shoved the 'probe' into the kennel to make sure I wasn't smuggling cocaine.  

Then you will get off at other end, and your dog will still be asleep.  In fact, he will be so drowsy it takes him two days to get the gravol out of his system.  

Lesson here?  Don't feed your 15LB dog the same amount of gravol as you would an 80LB child.  Yup, dogs only get a quarter of a tablet.  Again, whoops.

I'm almost there though, just a few more flights and we will all be pros!

And FYI, West Jet really is superior to flying pets.  Go with them if you can.

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