Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Like Disneyland! Except real . . .

Cape Cod is pretty much the most adorable place I have ever seen.  It's all quaint houses, tavern's named 'Bee Hive Inn',  and hydrangea bushes abloom (is that a word?).  I feel it's as if I have vomited all things Sarah and 'boom' there's Cape Cod!

Such a lovely metaphor for such a lovely landscape.

It isn't just the views of Cape Cod that are so wonderful.  It's the people.  They are nice.  Like really really nice.  I might go as far to say they are even friendlier than Manitobans.  That's saying a lot.  It's also a wonderful refreshing change from the streets of New York.  

Being in Cape Cod is making me a better, friendlier person.  Just the other morning, as I strolled the dogs to the AMAZING bakery (hello?  I actually got a sticky pecan Cinnamon bun RIGHT OUT OF THE OVEN!!!!) at the end of Willow Street behind our motel, everyone we met greeted us with a smile and a 'good morning' or 'isn't it lovely?' or 'top of the morning to you' (okay, fine, they don't say that last one but I know they all want to).  Even the drivers wave to you!  It puts an extra bounce in my step and a bigger smile on my face.  It's just like Disneyland except (a) it's real and (b) these people aren't being paid to be nice to you.

I thought this area was the bee's knees.  Until I went to Nantucket.  I fell in love.  In Nantucket.  With Nantucket.  Through Nantucket.  I love Nantucket.  And so does the Engineer.

In fact, I have never in our near-three year relationship heard him trill on enthusiastically about anything.  He certainly never agrees so forthright with me about anything.  I can say, "do you love this" and I will often get a quiet 'yes' or 'I guess so'.  But as we cycled the 16.5 miles under the HOT sun to 'Sconset, it was the Engineer who was the first to say 'we are buying a house here'.  Much to my delight.  Now we just need a minimum of $1.6 million for a vacation home . . . .

The moment you step off the ferry into Nantucket Town, you are literally greeted with adorable-ness at each turn.  Cobblestones, gaslights, Colonial houses and buildings.  Oh, and boutiques filled with pricey knick knacks.  And Lilly Pulitzer.

As we cycled, under the hot sun with our bums aching and vowing to never do that again, past glorious homes built with the traditional grey cedar we fell more in more in love.   By the by, the homes are so rich here that on the side of the road we would pass a mailbox for the house, and a mailbox for the guest cottage!!!!!

Then we got to 'Sconset.

Oh 'Sconset.  How I love thee.  Grey homes, flower boxes, white curtains blowing in the summer breeze.  Shell lined streets, tiny yards with Adirondack chairs perfect for star-gazing and tea drinking, and even more hydrangea.  Like I said, Disneyland except real.  

Even the beach was superior to anything we've seen.  Soft sand that was like laying in a recliner chair and the water was so warm that we played for a good part of an hour.  This is something I never do.

I love love love this place.  I don't see myself coming back anytime soon however, it's definitely a place on my list to come with my kids for weeks in the summer.  

Who am I kidding?  I'm going to throw it all in and move here tomorrow.  And eat chowder for the rest of my life.

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