Sunday, August 30, 2009

Clam for You, Clam for Me

Fried Clams!  Fried Clams!  I finally had fried clams – and I actually understand what the big deal is now (also, where the heck did I learn about them in the first place?).

They are YUMMY!

A fact I found quite surprising, seeing as all the other fried seafood just seemed a bit . . .  well gross.  The Engineer was sweet enough to indulge me, so we stopped once again at our ‘friends’ Seafood Sam’s – the place of the lobster-bisque-thick-as-mayo fame.  We opted to order a small dish of fried clams, otherwise known as belly.  The girl was quite surprised we ordered a small.  Clearly we are one of the first people to order a small.  Ummmm, look at the picture – doesn’t that seem like quite enough fried food?

I had to eat them on my lap in the car, as Hurricane Danny was making quite a name for himself in the form of crazy blowing rain and freezing  temperatures.

These little pieces of ‘small, fleshy belly’ (as the Seafood Sam’s girl explained) were like little pieces of fried heaven.  So freaking delicious!  Full of flavor, a batter quite light, and plenty of meat. 


I am very happy that we tried this Cape Cod delicacy.  And quite happy we waited for the last day.  Otherwise my meals would have been fried clams and ice cream at the Creamery for dessert.  FYI – if you ever find yourself is South Yarmouth you must go to the Creamery.  It’s homemade ice cream all named after places on the Cape:  Orleans Oreo, SOMETHING Coconut, Sandwich SOMETHING.  My favorites were the minty SOMETHING and the coconut – both topped with delicious hot dark fudge.

Anyways, back to my clams.  I still can’t believe that the biggest seafood dishes on the Cape are all fried.  I feel that if I were to eat an entire large platter of fried clams, fried calamari, fried shrimp, fried lobster, fried scallops and friend crod (ummm, some fish that I don’t know) I think I would have a heart-attack at the tender age of 29.  How do these Cape Codders do it?  And yes, all those items I just listed are in fact what is offered all together on menus here.

Things I learned here on the Cape:  it is not gourmet heaven and eating out is super expensive.  We are not against paying high prices for food, but good money after bad food (and wasted calories) is one of my pet peeves.  When we come again, it definitely will be all about getting a place with a kitchen and making our own food.  The ‘Stop & Shop’ is plentiful here and my new favorite grocery store – so you can make your own fresh seafood prepared in perhaps a more healthy way. 

The Engineer and I struggled all week with what to eat, and spent the entire time suffering with sore tummies and other digestive issues.  I think we thought the Cape would be full of wharfs where we could get fresh seafood right off the boat.  Maybe you can, we just didn’t find it.

Martha’s Vineyard is in the Edible magazine family, so must be abundant in good eats.  But once again, we didn’t find it.  Clam chowder at the Black Dog Café was about it.  Nantucket?  Full of amazing looking restaurants.  Unfortunately all with prices starting around $27 for an entrée. (we paid $9 for a sandwich – it was a plain ham sandwich on brown bread) 

Next time we come, it will be a diet of ‘Stop & Shop’ food, clam chowder, fried clams, and ice cream.  Oh ice cream, how delicious thou art.  Lobster bisque from SS?  How delicious thou ain’t.




Anonymous said...

I hope you don't get "clam"ydia. ha ha ha ha .... ;) (Liz)

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

oh those look so yummy! i've never been to cap cod...i'm very envious!