Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mathematics anyone?

I am terrible at math.  Terrible.  Clearly.  The Engineer just pointed out my mistake in the previous entry.  If my math is correct, Canada is home to 36 wonderful citizens.  Whooops.  Okay fine, we each get a million to spend?  Half a billion?  

I still don't know.

The other day I was calculating gas mileage to figure out how much I would spend on gas depending on what car I rented while tooting around Europe. And by 'tooting' I do mean driving.  This is a pretty complex problem if you ask me.  Somewhere in the depths of Grade 11 math and Grade 6 problem solving, I managed to figure out that if I rented a diesel Golf and drove from France to Slovakia and everywhere in between I would need about $800.  

I was unsure.  This number seemed low. I was practically kicked out of Grade 12 - oh, I'm so bad I forget what that math is called - geometry?  No.  That really hard one.  Anyways, I wasn't allowed to take it even though I was a straight 'A' student.  Also, high school math is a really really really long time ago.  

So I called the dad.  I talked him through the problem slowly (he's getting old and apparently I talk fast).  I walked him through how I solved the problem (I even converted the math into miles and gallons!) and then he said it:  yeah, that's right.  



You can't imagine my glee.  I mean pure glee.  It was like that time in Grade 11 when Mr. Kingerski handed back our first algebra test in groups of percentages, as in he would say '60's' and proceed to hand out the tests telling the class our marks.  Mean, I know.  But effective?  Yes.  He passed out the 60's, I started to sweat, then the 70's, my heart was palpitating, and then went into the 80's. I hadn't got my test back yet. I had either failed or gotten an 'A'.  I never got an 'A' in math before.  It was 84%.  I practically fainted.  

I felt the same way.  I solved a math problem.  ALL BY MYSELF.  I mean, sure I did end up rounding that number up to make up for city driving etc, but here I am, almost thirty and capable of doing math!

Go Manitoba school system!

Then I went and screwed up $75 billion by trying to divide it between Canadians.  I'll let you figure that out.  If you have 30 million people and $75 Billion, how much does each Canadian get to spend on their wedding?

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Kick Butt Applications said...

Once you did the math and reached $2500 (75B / 30M) I hope you then doubled the number to $5000... because there are usually two people getting married and so they would pool their amounts together!