Friday, July 3, 2009

The Proposal

I think my favorite part of weddings is the proposal. Albeit, I am never at the actual proposal, but it's may favorite story.  Way funner than how the bride found her white shoes.  Or had them dyed.  Ick.

A friend from university got engaged this week, so of course I had to get her story.  It's pretty funny and it led me to think of many others in the same vein.

Her now fiance took her up to Whistler for their four-year anniversary.  At night, he asked her to go for a walk (so so so many proposals start this way) and she said she would rather just eat some chicken and go to bed (and so so so many proposals also start this way).  In fact, of all the men I know who asked their now-wives to 'go for a walk' got some sort of argument from the girls not to go for a walk.

One couldn't understand why he wanted to go for a walk now and was being pretty bitchy (her words) so insisted they take the garbage out first.    One was walking in a forest and losing her patience with her blundering fiance.  He stopped to 'tie his shoe' - ie. get on one knee - but she told him to catch up and kept going.  Apparently he just stayed there until she yelled at him, turned around, and then realized she was the idiot.  And another thought her fiance was a freak for wanting to go out into the sub-zero temperatures of the Canadian Rockies and almost didn't go.  Luckily she did.

Note to self:  if the Engineer ever asks me to go for a walk, GO!

Anyways, the fiance convinced my friend, M, to go for a starlit stroll.  She agreed on the condition they could stop at 7-11 and get candy first.  Fine.  They got candy.

He then insisted they sit on a bench to look at the stars.  She claimed it was wet and that Dancing with the Stars was on.  But she sat.  And proceeded to eat her fuzzy peaches and Swedish berries.

Her fiance kept starting a conversation, 'remember when we first met?'.  But M wasn't paying attention, she was sucking on a sour candy.  He started again.  This time she made fun of how he walked up to her and then brought up their first fight.  The fiance was getting a bit impatient and told her to 'shut up' and let him finish.

That's when she realized something was up.  She immediately freaked out and asked him if he was proposing.  M then patted him down for a ring, but didn't find anything.  He insisted he wasn't.  Relieved, she got up to leave, turned around, and there he was on one knee with the ring he was hiding.

Obviously she burst into tears and said yes.  Then she finished her bag of candy.

Congratulations M & T!!!

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