Monday, July 6, 2009

Doggie Treats

One would think I have two St. Bernard's or Golden Retrievers with the crazy things my dogs will eat.

Going on a walk is more like going on a 'what garbage can we eat today' adventure. It's disgusting.

In Brooklyn, people seem to think it's okay to drop their fried chicken bones on the street.  I can't tell you the amount of times I have had to wrestle a greasy chicken bone out of either of the boys' mouths.  No easy feat I tell you.  Mr. Mop may be 15 pounds but his jaw is like solid steel. 

They will eat anything.  Once Mop found a tea bag on the ground.  I looked down to see the 'Red Rose' label hanging out of his mouth. I told him to 'drop it' which he did, and then he proceeded to cough and spit tea leaves everywhere.  

Brooklyn once found a used condom.  Do people have no decency?

One day we were walking in Stanley Park when both my boys tore away to a large pile of horse poop.  I immediately ran after them yelling 'don't eat the poo! don't eat the poo!' while my friend little K and her dog laughed at us.  Brooklyn looked up at me, wagging his tail, with a lump of green horse dung hanging out of his mouth.  I washed their mouths out in the ocean and then gave them about 10 greenie toothbrushes each.

Yesterday, we were visiting my cousin's house.  Here is what Brooklyn found and tried to eat:
- a twist tie
- a butterfly key chain (one of the wings is still missing, I suspect I will see it resurface tomorrow)
- a box of matches
- ear drops (good thing he found them though)
- a slipper
- my flip flop (which he took out of the house and onto the lawn - all six of us spent about 10 minutes looking for my shoe)
- at least five sticks and a handful of leaves 

Mr. Mop loves to eat mussel shells as we walk on the seawall.  Crunch crunch crunch.  He also has an affinity to Starbucks.  If you put your Starbucks beverage down he will either attempt to drink it or pee on it (as he did to Little K's the other day). 

And yet neither of them like carrots.  You will eat horse poop and used condoms, but not carrots.  Weirdos.

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