Thursday, July 23, 2009

You Scream, I Scream, Mop Gets Covered in Ice Cream

Obviously one of the best things about summer is the food that goes with it:
cherries, blueberries, blackberries, ice cream

I love ice cream.  I mean, who wouldn't?  Actually, the Engineer's sister doesn't like ice cream.  I yell at her every time I find that fact out because each time I am shocked.

For those Lower Mainlanders, I urge you to head down to the beach resorty town of White Rock for a meander along the sea with an ice cream cone in hand.  Why?  Because they have the BEST freaking ice cream there!!

It's called "White Mountain" and they serve homemade ice cream.  In homemade waffle cones.  This equals awesomeness.  

My flavors of choice?  Chocolate Rainforest (chocolate ice cream with pieces of honey-covered cashews, caramel and fudge) and Midnight Mint (chocolate ice cream with perfect flakes of chocolate covered mint).  Clearly I like chocolate.  

Due to the fact that it was a crazy hot day, I had to lick that sucker down fast to stop it from melting down my arm.  I couldn't, however, stop the drips coming out of the bottom of my cone.  Drips that landed on the sidewalk and delighted Mr. Mop to no end.  Being the smarter of the two, he quickly figured out that if he stood directly below me he could eat my drips.  He also got many drips on his white head (bad thing about having a dog with white fur is that everything shows).  In fact, his head was quite covered in chocolate after the ordeal.

Brooklyn didn't attempt to get the ice cream.  He just stood wagging his tail and blinking.

But maybe Brooklyn is the smarter of the two . . .  he did wait until we got to the comfort of our air conditioned home to lick all the ice cream off of Mr. Mop's head.

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