Monday, June 22, 2009

The Dog Park

I got kicked out of the dog park yesterday.

And when I say I, I really mean Brooklyn.  

And when I say kicked out, I really mean so embarrassed I had to make hasty escape never to return.

Hmmm, maybe I was a tad dramatic.

Anyhoo, the boys and I discovered a new dog park that is perfectly situated between my house and my gym.  The point being we spend an hour playing fetch (or other dog get Mop's ball and Mop sniffs a tree) and then the boys pass out in the car while I box for a half hour.  

Day one was fine.  Until the end.  The boys were having  a blast playing with an array of interesting terriers while I listened to their owners talked about auras and letting the past go as to move free into themselves (the park in on the east side of Rainy City - so the energy is a bit different.  ie. kooky).  When it was time to leave, Brooklyn decided to play his fun game of run away from me even though I have a treat (and this time I did!) but went too far when he ran into the road.  He thought this was a great place to run in circles and bark.  Then he chased his new schnauzer puppy friend McGregor up the street.  McGregor's ownner just stood their looking at me like a freak telling Brooklyn to 'shoo'.  Ummm, help me out buddy?  Like bend down and stop my idiot dog.

Okay fine. 

Day two, we got out of the car.  I kept both dogs on their leash.  Then we ran into McGregor again.  His dad asked me if we were better behaved today. I wanted to kick him.  At this point, Brooklyn tears away so fast I lose my hold on his leash.  He runs after a woman and her big black dog.  She turns around and starts yelling at me to get my dog away from her (I can see why, as her dog starts snarling at Brooklyn - sheesh, what a drag to have a grumpy dog).  Brooklyn is ignoring me, runs into the street again, denies my treats, and McGregor's dad shakes his head and walks away.    The lady with the black dog shook her fist at us.  I shook more than that back.

We will not be returning to hippy park. I don't think our auras meshed well.

So the boys and I will stick to Charleston Park.  If you are in Rainy City, this is the BEST off-leash park ever.  It has a waterfall.  Enough said. 

Sometimes I fear we will be kicked out of this place too.  After all, the other day Mr. Mop spent a good twenty minutes mounting another Jack Russell.  Luckily, all the dog owners thought this quite entertaining and hilarious.  Our auras are like-minded obviously.  That, or their dogs are just as nutty as mine.  

And by the way, Brooklyn came to me THREE times in Charleston.  Maybe the training is starting to kick in?  Or maybe he just went nutty at the hippy park with all the extra patchouli oil in the air.  Muhahahhahahaaa 

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