Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ugly Shoes

I have decided that Sex and the City is entirely misleading.  How those girls stomp around NYC in high heels is completely beyond me.  Oh wait, I know.  They shoot for about two minutes, the director yells 'CUT!' and an assistant rolls in with a chair and slippers.  That is clearly the only way to walk in cute shoes in this city.

My feet hurt.  Ache.  Throb.   They are covered in blisters and are swollen.  Cute shoes my ass, give me some grandma Clarks.  I must admit that all the clothes I packed were cute and needed to be accompanied by cute shoes, my Haviana's do not go with my little black dress.  I have already bought two pairs of alternate flip flops, thinking some jewels on my flip flops will help my outfit.  But so far all they have helped with is forming two new blisters and severe back pain.

I had no idea just how much walking would be done in this fair city.  Stomp stomp stomp.  Up Fifth Ave, through Central park, from East to West Village.  And everyone walks fast. I can't keep up, MY FEET HURT!!!!!!  My girlfriend who moved here told me to put on my cute shoes and then keep my comfy flip flops in my purse.  I never took her advice, which was stupid.  Her feet are covered in perma-blisters and she uses the 'second pair of shoes' system.  Apparently, Band-aid makes this new blister block that is supposed to be amazing.  It's sold out in New York - well in Manhattan and Brooklyn  - but hey! - they hardly count as a measurement of popularity.

K and I have taken to cabs for every couple of blocks.  In fact, we have even taken to those rickshaw things.  $20 well spent . . . . 

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