Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Broadway Tips

When in the Big Apple, one should take in a show.  We took in two.

Avenue Q - which is like a dirty Sesame Street.  Okay, maybe not dirty but definitely adult.  Be warned:  there is puppet sex!  And my favorite song "Everyone's a little bit racist" because it is true.  My only complaint was that I wish it was longer because it was so good.

Top Girls - a play written by Caryl Churchill in 1982 London.  I have always wanted to see this play.  I don't anymore.  I wish that it had been shorter.  

The audience was so different in each theatre.  At Avenue Q, K and I were surrounded by people much like ourselves. Young professionals who grew up with Bert, Ernie and Telly.  At Top Girls the audience were probably at the height of their careers in 1982.  There were many old men.  Old men who farted throughout the entire show.  Old grumpy men who pushed me out of the bathroom line so they could get by without saying 'excuse me' or 'sorry'!!!

Yes, I know that NYC is not known for its' politeness or chivalry but seriously, you are an old man!! Aren't old men supposed to have manners?  This is where I really don't fit in with this city; I am too polite.  Sue me for apologizing for stepping on your foot or pushing you out of the way.  Unfortunately, as our hotel was situated in toursity Times Square, I started to take on the New York rudeness.  I may or may not have hit gawking tourists with my big purse or told slow walkers to watch out as I plowed through them.  To be fair, if you are going to stop on a busy sidewalk and consult a map, you deserve to be pushed.  Move to the side you retard!!!

Wait, the whole purpose of this entry was not to talk about manners, rather to give you my Broadway tip.  When in NYC, you can go buy half price tickets at the TKTS booth which happened to be situated under our hotel.  Everyday, a three-hour line formed in order to save some money.  Okay fine, lots of money.  But if you are visiting the city for a few days, isn't your time worth more?  I thought so, therefore I was smart and googled 'cheap Broadway tickets' and discovered www.broadwaybox.com. It was here that we got half price tickets - same as TKTS.  I punched in my credit card digits, glossed with my guilt-gloss, and walked past the three-hour line saying 'suckers' under my breath.  Don't people think to google??

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