Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rich Bride Poor Bride

If you are a faithful reader, you will know of my addiction to reality shows such as 'Trading Spouses' 'Swapping Wives' and my personal favorite, 'Rich Bride Poor Bride'. You will also know that I get insanely angry at said programs and try to call the network to tell them how stupid people are. The Engineer forbids me from watching these programs or at least from talking about them in his presence.

Well, things have changed.

Last weekend I was horribly, ridiculously, painfully ill. Like the double whammy ill - I will spare the pretty details. My lovely Engineer sacrificed his own long weekend (which happened to be hot and sunny) to stay with me so I could whine at him. After buying me Chef Boyardee (which I threw up), Kraft Dinner (which I threw up), and Vietnamese soup (you don't want to know), he kept my pitiful body company while watching television.

Saturday night is a fairly bleak TV night, except for SNL, but we had time to kill. So what did we watch? Rich Bride, Poor Bride!! God, I love that show. If you have never seen it, order cable with Slice NOW and promptly watch as women make themselves appear greedy and grotesque on national TV. I love it.

Anyhoo, as this bride was a particular doozy, demanding EVERYTHING no matter what cost, it was a highly entertaining episode. The Engineer was riveted; just like me. And just like me, he became unbelievably angry. The groom was definitely in the right, especially making the girl sell a diamond ring they won in a contest to put towards their $37 000 wedding. The Engineer was so angered by her spoiled princess act that he started to pace the room and yell at the flat screen. Suddenly he stopped and realized what he was doing. But it was too late, he was hooked. So now we bond together at good/bad reality TV and get angry; always grateful that we are not stupid like those people.

The same weekend I also had two wedding magazines (I bought them on the plane ride to NYC, just out of curiosity) that I would flip through when I could open my eyes. Every time I read something I threw up. I think this made the Engineer happy as that now when we plan our wedding I will be reminded of throwing up and therefore plan a small wedding. Hmmm, maybe a drug should be invented to induce vomiting when talking about weddings, disguised as some sort of penile stimulant so women don't know about it. Men would clear them off the shelves!

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