Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cheesecake in Bed

I am no longer nineteen.  I no longer can stay out all night dancing at clubs.  Who am I kidding?  I never could.  I realize that when going to the city that never sleeps, us lovely ladies should be hitting the town.  Meh.  We were too fat from eating to fit into our party dresses, our feet too swollen to fit in our shoes, and we were too lazy to put on our newly acquired guilt-gloss.

Instead, K and I spent one of our 'party' nights, walking to the corner of 6th and 53rd for street meat (the best Halal EVER), getting some New York cheesecake and eating our dinner in our beds while watching Juno on the big flat screen.  I don't think we have ever been happier.

Why do we feel guilty for staying in?  What does that say about society?  I like staying home, I always have.  I have wasted much time and money, forcing myself to go out to clubs that I don't really like that much.  I must face the facts, I truly like being home on a Saturday night because I really love SNL.

Now more about this halal.  I was recommended to go seek this place out.  It is across from the Hilton on 6th and 53rd and always has a line-up, that is how you know it is good.  K and I were the only women in line, and the only white tourists.  That is how you know it is really really good.  For $6 you get a plate of rice, lettuce, pita topped with lamb and chicken.  Then you pour over this yummy yogurt and hot sauce.  So freaking good!   Warning:  your hotel room is guaranteed to stink after eating.  And maybe you should share with a friend.

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