Sunday, May 11, 2008

Everything is Coming up Roses

Traveling with girls is pretty much the best damn thing EVER.  I love the Engineer with pretty much everything I have.  Traveling with him is great and wonderful in its own right, but there is something about traveling with girls that simply rocks.  Probably because we are all nuts and clap and scream over the excitement of cupcakes, cocktails and renting movies in our hotel room.  The Engineer doesn't squeal over anything - except maybe the Oilers winning the Stanley Cup.

I am in New York with two of my good friends and we had a perfect Manhattan date last night.  It started with Rose & Lemon-aid pedicures on the Upper East side complete with pink sparkling wine and pretty dresses and ended with a huge Italian meal where we may have had mini-orgasms over the chocolate souffle.  The owners must have liked us (perhaps because we took pictures of every dish and expressed quite loudly our appreciation) because they capped our evening off with ROSE ITALIAN SPARKLING WINE.  ROSE WINE!  AAAAAAAHH!  In case you want to know it was called:  Brachetto D'Aqui from Piemonte in Italy.  I am fairly certain that a rose sparkling drink from Italy may be the most girly drink on planet Earth.

The Engineer would have appreciated the meal for sure.  It's just eating with girls makes us a bit nutty.  We loved our waiter/the owner because of his adorable Italian accent and his adorable Italian butt.  We also loved that when we stuck our forks into the souffle, warm oozing chocolate poured out.  The dessert was devoured in no less than a minute and was accompanied by the closing of eyes and the small gasps of intense pleasure.  By the last bite it was 'every bitch for herself' with the forks - much to our cute-butted waiter/owners' amusement.

We were supposed to then go out to a lounge and drink fabulous cocktails in the fabulous city.  But we were too full and the appeal of the in-room movies won over our need to go drink more.  

And only with your girlfriends can you stomp down Broadway in your too-high-heels that now kill your newly pedicured feet, wearing pretty dresses and gushing over the deliciousness of melty chocolate and rose wine.  Boys don't do that.

Boys also don't go to lounges and think they see Mario Lopez  as girls do.  Well K did, except she wasn't wearing her glasses so Mario was in fact a geeky looking guy from China, or perhaps Hawaii.  Boys also don't attract free mojitos to the table or freak out that the entrance of a bar smells like orchids and lotus flowers.  And boys DEFINITELY don't spend a whole afternoon in the village searching out vintage scarfs or the perfect shoe.  But then again, boys are very lovely to hold hands with in the street and cozy up to in a carriage ride through Central Park.

The point is, I suppose if there is a point, is that as we get older, sometimes we tend to forget the glory of girl-time as we spend so much of our life with the significant other.  Our s.o.'s are awesome and adorable, and allow you to put your head on their lap on the plane.  But girlfriends make you see the world from rose-coloured glasses.

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