Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Royal Slip

Yesterday's post, A Royal Engagement, had a wee bit of a Royal, erm, Freudin slip.

I may have written, "Is this what people felt like in 1981 when SARAH and Charles got married?"

That's right - I confused my own name with that of Princess Diana's.  Whoops. And I didn't even notice after proofreading. Nor did any readers notice.  None, except for the Engineer.  Double whoops.

I guess it just seemed so natural, after all Sarah DOES mean princess.  And there was Sarah, Duchess of York. 

After yesterday's announcement, female Facebook status updates included things like "Prince William is off the market :(" "At least Harry is still available" and, my personal favourite, "Can now handle the royal engagement after reading this article:  Unemployed English Girl to Wed Soldier from Welfare Family".

It made me handle it better too.  Kate may be able to bag a prince but she can't bag a job. And their wedding is being paid for by British taxpayers. So there. 

No.  Can't do it. I love Kate!  Look how classy and pretty she is!  I can't wait to buy china with her head on it!

My mum pointed out that I should feel sorry for Kate.  Being thrust into the limelight the way she is.  Check out their statement and the amount of flashes going off.  But I don't feel sorry for her!  She has been going out with him for eight years!!  She knows exactly what she is getting into.  After all, she grew up in the time of Princess Diana.  I am pretty sure Kate thinks being a Queen is worth it.

Yesterday when I admitted being envious/sad of the royal engagement, I really did think I was alone.  Facebook proved I was not. 

And it was that fact that made me feel better.

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