Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Royal Engagement

As you may have learned, Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton are finally engaged.

And when you heard the news you felt a twinge of envy and sadness.

Or was that just me?

Don't get me wrong - I LOVE the Engineer.  He is my Prince.  But he isn't exactly from Royal blood nor does he have a castle.  I didn't actually think I was ever going to be a real princess anyways but there was always that happy knowledge that a single future king was out there.

It's like that moment you realize that you are never going to figure skate with Kurt Browning in the Olympics (so many things are wrong with this to begin with but this was my dream at 14).  Or dance in the Nutcracker.  Or be the future Queen of England.

I am happy for them though, and I can't wait to see the dress Kate picks!  Also, how can we not like her?  She's a commoner!  Educated.  Pretty.  Fashionable.  And she bagged a prince.

Is this what people felt like in 1981 when Sarah and Charles got married?

They plan on getting married next spring or summer.  Great.  Now my wedding definitely won't be the event of 2011.

I have been engaged for 11 months now and I have some advice for Miss Kate. 

ENJOY the engagement-moon!  My friend told me that she loved the first couple of months of being engaged and boy, was she right.  I wish I had relished them more.  I look back on those first two, and very cold, weeks in January when I was with the Engineer in London after our engagement with fondness.  I can even smell the London flat and taste the tea as I sat for hours on my computer looking at possible wedding destinations.

When you are newly engaged, you feel as if you have just fallen in love for the first time.  My affection for the Engineer drove me wild.  I adored everything he said and wanted to kiss him all the time.

We're back to normal now.  HA!

I also loved being a new bride.  The unfamiliar feeling of having a ring on your left hand. Catching yourself in every mirror or window or puddle to see the glitter of your ring.  Talking in an unusual manner with your hands hoping strangers would comment on the beauty of your ring. 

When you are newly engaged, it's fun to race to the bookstore and buy every bridal magazine.  You wait at the counter whilst paying just waiting for the person to comment on your engagement (God, how needy am I?).  The excitement of talking about all that you want for your wedding before the inevitable budget sets in.  Trying to decide where in the world to get married (or was that just me?).

I loved telling everyone (and because I was in London this was hard!).  My group of friends have a tradition of telling big news over brunch. How long I had fantasized about sitting over eggs benny and then saying, "So I got the best thing in London" and then whipping my left hand out to a myriad of screams.  Instead, I revealed it by email because the Engineer and I wanted to post our engagement on Facebook (so much is wrong with that statement). 

The best part about being newly engaged is that you are crazy in love, not just crazy. Which is what you are eleven months into an engagement.  The Engineer and I no longer look into each other's eyes with wonder as we contemplate growing old together.  Now I just ask him if he prefers pink to yellow and what sort of music should we have at the ceremony (bagpipe!). 

I have the date set, the invitations have already been RSVP'd, the dress is sitting in my closet, and my bridesmaids are picked. 

Also, I am not a 'new' bride anymore.  Other people have gotten engaged since my engagement.  Like 15 minutes of fame, you only get 15 minutes of absolute adoration until it is your wedding day and you get to be adored again. 

Then you're really screwed because you'll be married.

So, Kate Middleton, I toast my cup of tea to you and William.  May you enjoy your engagement and the uphoria of finally getting the ROCK (she waited long enough!).  I look forward to wearing a hat at your wedding.  Although I will be watching it from my couch. 

And for all you single gals  -  there is still one single royal left . . .

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