Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oooh La La Chocolat

On a crisp, Autumn afternoon in rainy city, I happened upon a sweet little chocolaterie on Main Street.  Okay, I didn't exactly happen upon it.  Groupon led me there.  Oh Groupon.

This little piece of France is a lovely, chocolatey escape from the rain (especially because it is across from one of my favourite little cafes:  Liberty Bakery).

So the place of happy chocolate France land is Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France and it is owned by this adorable little Quebecois gal, Anna-Genevieve.

One of my favourite movies is Chocolat.  Firstly, it's about chocolate and it takes place in my Dordogne.  Secondly, Johnny Depp.  Thirdly, there is a kangaroo.  And lastly, that hot chocolate she serves.  Well, drinking chocolate is a more apt description.

I have ALWAYS wanted that drinking chocolate. Sadly, my hot chocolate from a package with added hot water and freeze-dried marshmallows is not that drinking chocolate.

But Anna-Genevieve's drinking chocolate is EXACTLY what I imagined Vianne to serve hot Johnny in the movie.  It's thick, semi-sweet and so richly delicious I danced down Main Street, happily kicking up the crisp leaves as I savored happiness in a cup.

Ironically, I stopped by this place after a massive personal training workout that left me drenched and sore.  The drink was 300 calories and I figure I burned 500, so I still come out on top right?

The girls at Nouvelle France specialize in truffles:  spicy, earl grey, orange flower, and dark - just to name a few.  After you make your choice, one of the French ladies packs them up sweetly in a little white box sealed with wax and a red ribbon.

I love little touches that really make this chocolaterie feel as if you are in the South of France in a tiny village.  Or as I like to think:  my second home.

And that drinking chocolate?  I have been dreaming of it since my move to Toronto.  Drinking pure, warm spicy chocolate.  Does it get any better than that?

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