Monday, November 8, 2010

The Fall Fashion Dilema

Fall is one of the best seasons.  Okay, I think every season is the best season.  But fall has lots going for it.

It's colourful, crisp, abundant with honey crisp apples and smells like pumpkins and nutmeg.  When you walk down the street the leaves crunch satisfyingly under your shoes.  Things get cozy as you bunker inside with a cashmere wrap (or my fleece blanket that is almost like cashmere), start a roaring fire (or turn on the switch) and read a good book.  Off go the flip flops and on go the sheepskin lined slippers.  The cardigans and turtlenecks replace the sundresses and tank tops.

Actually those last two things make me hate fall.

Hate is a strong word.  Considering I started this entry by talking about how much I love fall.

Let me rewind:  fall is great but it stresses me out.


I have no idea what to wear or how to wear it!!!  Gone are the days of me just slipping into my favourite dress and havianas to walk the dogs.  Now I have to sit down and lace up my runners. I have to put on pants.  And socks.  And a sweater.  And a hat.  It takes so freaking long.

Every year when fall rolls around I find myself spending hours online trying to find (A) a pair of boots that will fit over what are apparently massive calves and (B) the perfect layering ensemble.

I am a layer fail.

I realize that everyone just loves to layer.  Well not this bridesmaid.  Dear God, what is wrong with me?

The other day I put on my fleece-lined leggings, a sweater dress, then I 'layered' a sweater coat on top, put on my red shoes and toque.

I looked like a circus clown.

I am not kidding.  Even the Engineer noticed my wardrobe fail.  That is saying alot.

Each morning that it gets colder is another morning I stare blankly into my closet and wonder about this art of layering that seems oh so popular and cozy.  Part of my problem is down to my love of colourful clothing.  Therefore matching is gone out the window with layering.  It is asking way too much coordination.  So I switch to black and grey.

Then what do I wear on my feet?  Ballet flats aren't practical for Canadian winters.  Rubber boots are cold.  And uncomfortable after a while.  I have UGG runners but they are casual.  What do I wear with black pants?

And how do I wear the new camel coloured poncho like thing a friend made me buy?  Do I match what I wear underneath?

Am I destined to be slightly cold and oddly attired every fall?


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