Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring Fever

The Engineer will say every season is my favourite.  Which is sort of true.  At the turn of each season, I have a minor freak out about how much that particular season is my favourite.

They are all super amazing - how can I pick?  Fall smells good, with pumpkin pie and falling leaves.  Winter is cozy and cuddly with mittens and mugs of hot chocolate.  But it's only good until December 26th.  Summer is the season we want to last the longest, with it's warm nights, days in the lake, and tans that make us all look hotter and thinner.

But there is something extra extra special about spring.  No one loves spring more than a person from the prairies.  Actually anyone who doesn't live in Vancouver.

We are spoiled here in Vancouver.  Spring has arrived early this year!  As you may have noticed with the 'Winter Olympics' that were more like 'Super Awesome Spring Olympics'.  The blossoms did their magic spreading poufs of cotton candy throughout our already green city.  In fact, they are almost gone, sadly.  There are trees that are already fully green!  It's March!  Usually, the cotton candy goodness lasts until the end of April.  At this rate, summer should arrive on May 1st.  Even the bears are confused, they all have woken up from their winter slumber a month too early.  Sheesh, they got fat for nothing!

Don't get me wrong:  Vancouverites love their spring.  Everyone has a happy bounce in their step.  People are out walking, biking, jogging, etc.  People are shopping in droves for brightly coloured dresses (read: Sarah) But for the most part, that happens in this city year round.

Coming from the prairies, and one of the coldest cities ANYWHERE, Winnipeg, I face spring with a whole different level of appreciation.

In Vancouver, we are pleased to see the early blossoms.  The birds are chirping.  Just the other day I walked home from the gym, practically skipping with glee.  How could I not?  My path was paved with the sprinkling of pink petals.  (Clearly it's still sunny here because in the rain it's not so pleasant)

But when you live in a city that is literally in a deep freeze from mid-October (many a trick or treating did I do in snow banks) to mid-March/early April, spring is the to enlightenment (or dare I say the big

We think people are out more here?  Ummm, nothing compares to the spring in Winnipeg when you suddenly remember you are not the only person in Southdale.  People are out in droves.  Even though there is still snow (albeit melting) and it's actually pretty ugly (melting snow, left over sand and piles of dog poop make for gross.  Oh, and the grass is brown and dead.  We don't have that here) EVERYONE goes out without their parkas celebrating the return of life.

There is a special spring smell that is unique to the prairies.  I can't describe it except by telling you it's fresh and invigorating.  And it's like heaven for our nose.  It means that spring has really and truly arrived.  And when you start hearing the birds again?  Best sound EVER.

We get some of that on the west coast.  And ours is clearly much prettier.  But do we appreciate it as much?  Well in our own special Vancouver way (I think it's fair to say that 4 months of gray is pretty crappy).  That's okay.  I am not prepared to trade in my snow-free existence for a deeper appreciation of spring.  I appreciate it plenty.

I appreciate it so much it's time for a pedicure and some new shoes.

I really love spring.

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