Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Destination Bride Part Six: Nantucket

The Olympics have left us and now I am back to reality.

Luckily my reality is planning a wedding!  MUHAHAHAHAHA!!

I last left us on the blue and white island of Santorini. Now it's time for us to head to another island, just off the shores of Cape Cod, Massachusetts:  Nantucket.

For some reason, I always had a desire to visit Cape Cod. Perhaps it was due to my obsession with the Kennedy's. Or my love of the clam bake and peddle pushers (note here:  I have never ever attended a clam bake wearing, or not wearing, peddle pushers).  It could also be linked to my preppy nature of wanting to wear Lilly Pulitzer dresses while scooting around on a cruiser bike and sipping lemonade.

Because in my head, that is what Cape Cod is.

I'm pretty much right on the money.

My desire to go to Nantucket comes from out of the blue.  I always knew it existed.  I always knew I wanted to go.  When I told a friend I was going, his reply was "if you were a place, Nantucket would be it".

How right he was.  I love love love Nantucket.  The moment the Engineer stepped on the island, he too love love loved Nantucket.

It's pretty magical.  And heaven for prepster virgos.  It's all clean, neat, orderly, and it MATCHES!  The whole island is a palette of greys, whites, blues, greens and the odd dot of pink.  I did wear a Lilly dress. I did ride a cruiser bicycle.  I did not  have lemonade, but I did vow to return again and again and again.

Therefore, I couldn't help but scope the place out for a wedding.

I won't lie, it's up there in the top three right now.

Our venue of choice is Wade Cottages.  A cluster of grey homes overlooking the sea in 'Sconset, the most easterly point of the island.

'Sconset has been described like this:

"Here in 'Sconset, between the cranberry bogs and the rose-grown bluffs, is one of the most beguiling villages in the world."

It's true. It is beguiling.  The Engineer and I had the loveliest time here.  

The Wade Cottages are great, because they can hold 40 of our nearest and dearest with other accommodation nearby.  We can stay for a week.  Frolicking in the warm sea, basking in the sun, skipping through the sand dunes.  Adirondack chairs overlook the ocean, a perfect perch for sipping wine and reading books.  Watching the sunset over the island while cooking lobster on the beach.

Our wedding would be a complete garden party, lasting well into the night.  Lanterns above our heads, dancing in our barefeet, watching the stars from the beach in the wee hours of the morning.

Oh crap.  I just talked myself back into this wedding.

Bad points:  it's hard to get to from the West Coast of Canada.  The ferry to drive over, return, is $400.  Ummm, that's about it.  Everything else is perfect.

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