Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Kindness of People of the Past

When I started this blog, it was mostly to practice my writing and was only read by my mother and two of my friends.

Slowly, but surely, and thanks to Facebook, many others started to read it (even though I have only 22 followers I swear I'm cool!), and now people I don't even know are reading it!  So exciting!

Blogs are sort of funny.  They are part journal, part magazine article, and 100% the ramblings of me.  So when I get messages from people who I know, but am not BFF's with, or not know, who love my writing it makes me feel really happy inside.

I was in a sorority back in the days of university.  Think what you will, but my sorority was full of high-achieving, clever, beautiful women.  Not the bobble-headed, big-boobed blondes that are getting killed on Sorority Row.  When I say beautiful, I really mean it.  They are pretty much the best looking group of women in one room, besides the Oscars, I have ever seen.  Unique and lovely. Anyways, a few of the girls who were much younger than me started reading my blog.  And when some of them emailed to tell it, my heart actually melted.  It made me so happy to hear that my ramblings were actually being enjoyed.  So this is to thank them :)

Also, in the way that Facebook does, I have been reunited from the J.H. Bruns graduating class  of 1997.  The people I graduated with were also the people I went through elementary school with.  Twelve formative years of one's life and I now only speak to three of those fellow Bruins grads.  Weird right?  Well, normal actually.  It's fairly normal to leave high school behind, never looking back.  Which is actually sad.

Thanks to Facebook, we get to stalk each other and see who has kids, who has a killer career, who got fat, who got skinny, or who went from being super-nerd to super-hot.  I like it.

So when I got a package in the mail from a girl who I have known since I had my natural hair colour (I don't remember what it was, do you C?) and before braces, I realized the magic of the blog and Facebook.

This fellow virgo, Coronation Street lover and wedding freak who I haven't spoken to since 1997, was inspired enough to design a necklace off my ring (complete with 8 beads representing how many times I've been a bridesmaid!) along with a whole slew of other jewel treats and send them to me!  When I opened the package I actually had goosebumps and that super happy feeling inside.

I skyped the Engineer to open my parcels with him and then before reading the card, had to clean my house and shower.  Because I am a virgo freak and when sitting down to appreciate something pretty, must be clean and pretty myself.

Anyways, this friend, who is an engineer by day, designs a Stellar line of jewellery by night.  Check her out!  I actually just opened yet another part of the parcel I hadn't noticed - it just keeps going!

It made me cry a little.  People are so kind and thoughtful, and working in the business that I do, it's easy to forget that.  So thank's for the reminder C!

I have an Olympic memory about this girl, which is sort of freaky how I can even retain this information.  Anyhoo, I was at her birthday party circa 1988 when Ben Johnson won a medal (I forget which one) for running (in a city I can't remember).  It must have been around September 12th?  Dear God, how can I even remember that?  When he was found to have taken drugs, it broke all our little 9-year old hearts.  I think we all cried.

That is neither here nor there, the point of this entry is to thank all those FB friends who read my blog and smile with me (or at me, it's okay).  I really truly appreciate it.

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