Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Search Continues

I am not going too crazy trying on dresses, considering it is the funnest part of planning a wedding.  I think I want to take my time and really try on all the styles I want to, before making a final decision.

On Tuesday, a shipment of four 'rental try-on' dresses arrived from Aria.  They are a dress company from Boston who design really simple, pretty, and frugally priced dresses.  The best part is trying on dresses in the comfort of your home.  With the mum, a few bridesmaids, fresh pasta, and bottles of wine.

Wine often features in my stories hey?

So there we were, watching me try on dresses.  I liked it.  I don't know if everyone else did.

I think this is going to be a tough decision.  I liked these dresses because they had pockets.  Therefore I want poufy right?  But then I looked really nice in mermaid.  The woes!  The woes!  Oh god, Sarah, read the first entries I ever wrote where I tell people NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR WEDDING EXCEPT YOU!  And maybe your mom.  But not in my case.  HA!

Today, my mum and I accidentally tried on dresses at Bryan's Bridal.  I was pleasantly surprised at the selection and the price point!

We found a few possibilities.  One was poufy, silk, and had pockets  Super elegant, slimming and for the first time I felt really like a bride.  Especially when she put the long veil on me.  I thought I wanted a fascinator but the veil is so pretty!  My mum choked back a tear.

Then my dad walked in to find us.  He said 'yeah that works'.  I told him to go back to Starbucks, he refused.  I asked if he felt emotional at seeing me in a wedding dress.  He did not.

He did like my next selection.  A Pronovias dress that is mermaid-ish, with those layer/tier things, and one strap that was big flowers.  I totally did not want the layer look, but I LOVED LOVED LOVED the flowers.  They were very me.  

ACK!  I want them all!  I should claim my 'Chinese' wedding thing and wear four dresses.  

As my mum points out, you not only have to pick the dress that suits you, but the dress that suits the wedding.  The poufy was 'New York/Goldman Sachs', the other, very much whimsical.

ACK!  They both sound good!

I am not ready to settle just yet.  Kleinfeld's makes me feel guilty for trying on dresses and not buying, but I suffer from severe buyer's remorse!  What will happen if I can't return it?

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Seener Beaner said...

I LOVE the third one... but with a pink sash and not blue.