Thursday, February 11, 2010

Misadventures with Mr. Mop

This adorable dog continues to be the most embarrassing thing since my mother in the tenth grade.  Or that time my nose started to bleed on my way to middle-school and I bumped into all the cute boys from  high-school.  MORTIFICATION.

The other day, after one too many glasses of wine, I thought it was a great idea to let the boys off-leash on their evening walk.  After all, my area no longer has traffic due to some sporting event and there was no one in the park.

But I forgot about the fact that Rainy City is crawling with RCMP and Police right now.  Mop tore after one said RCMP officer, with Brooklyn on his tail yapping up a storm. Neither would come back.

The RCMP, thankfully, is not from Vancouver and therefore did not realize I was breaking the law.  He was also super nice, as most RCMP officers are.  He tried to pet the boys, but Mop barked at him.  I told him that my dog was afraid of his hat.  So he took it off!  So cute.  And then Mop was putty, rolling on his back.  We actually had a nice conversation, but I am sure he could smell my wine.  Then Mop pooped next to him.


Today, dressed in my workout clothes, no make-up and hair pulled up, I ran into an ex-boyfriend.  Awesome.  Which is only fun when I look super pretty.  I am engaged, so at least I had that :)  Anyways, my ex has a new puppy.  Mop hates puppies.  Therefore Mop tried to attack said puppy.  Embarrassing.  Then he growled at me when I punished him.  Embarrassing. 

The other night, I tried on wedding dresses at home.  Some of my bridesmaids were over.  Therefore Mop was on his best behavior.  Umm, lies.  One of my BM's pretends to be the dog whisperer and is constantly 'pssting' at him.  Even though it looks and sounds ridiculous, he does cower to her.  But aren't dogs for cuddles?

I don't know if you know this about dogs but they really like to sit/sleep on anything on the floor.  Blanket?  Yep.  Plastic bag?  Yes sir.  The train on my mermaid dress? You bet!

This is actually not embarrassing.  Just cute.  I was literally standing there for only 30 seconds and Mop made a little bed on the dress.  He even took a little ride on it.

Currently, he is sleeping on his back and snoring a bit.  It's hard to believe he can be such a jerk.

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