Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Ode

My friend Katy did a wonderful ode on Facebook during the Beijing Olympics featuring one of the best things about Olympics:  good looking men.

She didn't do it this year so I suppose it's up to me.  Here it goes.

Hot Male Athletes of Vancouver 2010

One of today's GOLD MEDALLISTS! Jasey-Jay Anderson.  The 35-year-old snowboarder known as the 'Old Man' who has been to FOUR winter olympics and finally won his gold!  Did you love the image of him holding both his kids with his medal?

Just racing on that snowboard makes him hotter.  

And speaking of snowboards . . . .

How about Mike Robertson who won silver for snowboard cross?  Hugh Grant lookalike?  Ummm, yes.

And then of course, there is the bearded man who gets hot points for barreling down a tube of ice head first. 
Jon Montgomery

Next is the men of the broom.  Who knew curlers were such cuties? Apparently my mum.  No wonder she's been addicted to curling for so long.

Mr. John Morris ladies.  Curler by olympics, firefighter by everyday life.

Ulstred, Team Norway's skip also gets a mention.  Mostly because he is tres handsome and my mum's favorite:

Next we've got a hot speed skater, and gold medal man:  Denny Morrison.

You can feel the focus burning your soul.

My personal favorite of the games was a partner, and I couldn't find any photos of just him.  But that's okay because she's pretty hot too. It should be illegal to be this good looking and graceful as a couple:

Who does not love Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue?  AAAAAAAH!  It's almost too much how cute they are.  And did we love him on the podium belting out 'Oh Canada'?  Yes we did.

Seeing as I clearly have a thing for cute Chinese men, I can't write this entry without a shout out to our very own Patrick Chan who sort of resembles Astro Boy.  He might also be the nicest person on the planet.  And he'll be our golden boy in 2014!

And last, but certainly not least, is my favorite of all time.  True, he's not in Vancouver right now. But he has Vancouver in his name so it sort of counts.

Adam van Koeverden


Note:  this is not a complete list.  These winter games are full of cute boys and pretty women.  It's sick how good looking everyone is.

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