Sunday, February 7, 2010

Destination Bride Part Five: Santorini

I thought it was time to head back to Europe and scope out another super-awesome place to get married.

A little island in Greece known as Santorini.

Sparkling blue water.

Hillsides of white houses and blue roofs.

Sandy beaches.

Glasses of white wine at sunset.

A donkey ride down the aisle.



It's a wedding out of 'Mamma Mia' heaven!

Saying our 'I do's' at sunset overlooking the Caldera.  Drinking ouzo with our friends and family. Eating baklava until I had to lie down from sugar-honey overload.

Sign me up!

Of course there are some cons.  Like the fact Greece is really quite far away.  And that we can't dance the whole night away.  Or that the reception venues hold more than one wedding a night so we have no privacy.  But privacy shrivacy.  Look at these pictures!

There is a plethora of Greek wedding planners who can help you make your big day happen.  Totally reasonable packages that get all the legal stuff done and throw in the donkey!


Umm, how do you spell that?

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