Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sarah of the Rings. Well, actually, it's only one ring

I am obsessed with my ring!

As mentioned, in 2007, I have always loved the engagement ring.

I mean, it sparkles, it's pretty, and in my case it's pink.  PINK!  I love it!!

The Engineer is awesome for choosing it.  Correction:  I am awesome for choosing it. Like a crazy wedding psycho, I first picked out my ring two years ago.  When on a 'casual' field trip to Tiffany's, I found the Legacy and immediately became obsessed.

When I saw the Engineer later that afternoon, I asked him how much he loved me. He knew right away something was up and asked me what I wanted.  So I told him.

But never trust a guy to remember a ring you want.  That's why you need a jeweller friend who will always remember your dream ring; so that on the day when the Engineer decides he's finally ready, he can call up said jeweller who will know exactly what to do.

He will spend the next six months searching for the perfect pink sapphire around the globe to create a Legacy-lool-alike at not the Legacy-$33 000-price tag.

Crazy bride-wannabe girl will then change her mind when she sees a blue sapphire at Tiffany's in New York and give the Engineer a near heart-attack as said jeweller friend is currently somewhere in Asia with pink sapphire.  Clearly, I changed my mind back.  I suit pink.  I suit my ring.  When anyone sees it they say 'your ring is soooo you'.  Is this their nice way of saying they don't like it?

I feel bad for being such a crazy ring coveter now.  The Engineer had the ring/proposal in the works since the summertime.  I have been nagging him practically everyday about getting married.  Don't judge me reader! I  know all you girls out there all did it before you got engaged.  Or are doing it now.  We're all the same.  When we know, we know. And we want it.

Men?  They take a while.

I always said to the Engineer that he should just know.  That is isn't going to just click one day that it's time.

This is, in fact, exactly what happened.

Apparently the Engineer was walking through Manhattan one day and it just 'clicked'.  He thought:  I am going to propose to Sarah.  I asked what triggered it.  He has no idea.  I suspect it was about the same time he realized how nice it is to have someone at home washing dishes and grocery shopping while he is at work 10 hours a day.  He denies this.

Anyhoo, it's all done now and I have the glorious pink rock on my hand.

I stare at it all the time.

In London, I would catch myself in any window.  At department stores, in the kitchen, in the Tube.  Just looking at the glittering perfection reflected back at me.  I was not alone in this.  The Engineer also would gaze affectionately at Rosie.

We once had this argument that it doesn't really matter if the man loves the ring because it's the girl who has to stare at it.

I realize now that the Engineer was completely right in his view.

He was very proud to give me Rosie.  He loves her like I do.

We stare at her all day.  I think the Engineer is still a little nervous about letting it out of his sight.  It is, after all, the most expensive thing he has ever bought and had to hand over.

I find myself talking with my left hand.  Holding it up to caress my face (just a few hours ago I scraped my cheek by accident).  Waving my hand about to give directions to Olympic tourists who aren't actually asking for directions.  I stare at it when driving.  They just made cell phone use whilst driving illegal.  They should probably make staring at one's engagement ring illegal as well.

I am not alone in this ring obsession. One of my BM's has also admitted to staring at her ring.  And she's been married for two years!

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend.  My ring is a sapphire therefore I feel the saying should be "pink sparkly things are a Sarah's best friend".

Hmmm, that actually encompasses a lot . . . .  like a certain someone's pink Coach bag.  And a pair of pink Kate Spade's I want for my wedding.  And a Mini-Cooper at Yaletown Mini.  See?  The list goes on.  Muhahahaha

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