Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Butch Cassidy and K.D. Lang

A friend commented on my latest blog entry (via Facebook, the only comments I get here are to get a larger 'area down there' for men) regarding how she too felt proud to be Canadian after the Opening Ceremonies. Except when it came to K.D. Lang.  Said friend currently lives in London, and apparently when she went to work the next day everyone asked who the 'bloke in the ill-fitting suit' was.  My friend wished David Aitkins had chosen Shania.

But here's what I have to say about that Miss L :)

I am proud proud proud that I come from a country where same-sex marriage is legal and recognized.  There are so few nations in the world who can say this, and NONE, except Canada, in North America.

Choosing K.D. Lang was a bold move, I agree.  It would have been easy to showcase Shania or Celine.  But what about one of our most talented singers?  No one can deny that voice.  She brought Canada to its knees. And yes, she wore a suit.  And yes, she resembles a man.

But she made us cry.

She made the room I was in stand-up and applaud.

And more importantly, she probably inspired a girl or boy out there afraid to be what they really are.  She proved that it might not always be the most popular choice to go against society, but when you truly are who you are, you can move a nation.  If you're really good, the world

The Brits can take that and stuff it up their snooty asses.

For those who wondered about Leonard Cohen, he is recovering from a back injury.  He told David Atkins that it doesn't get better than K.D. Lang

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