Saturday, October 3, 2009

Searching for Halloween

Halloween marks the night the Engineer and I first decided to test the 'relationship' waters (you can read it in July 07 - The First Kiss - I am trying to link it but I haven't quite figured out why it doesn't work yet).

Anyways, it's a special holiday for us.

Every year we try to go as a matching costume.  It just never seems to work out.  The year after we got together I was a Bollywood star and he was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.  Last year I was the devil and he was an American (don't ask).  So this year, we are really trying to be a co-ordinating couple.

Our initial idea was Buddy Holly and a Poodle girl.  Mostly because I want to wear a poodle skirt and he likes Buddy Holly.  I didn't say we were original.

I've been trying to get him to lock down this costume idea and actually get it.  I realize Halloween is a month away, but I DO NOT want to wait until the last minute.  No matter where you are in the world, waiting until the last minute is chaos.  In New York, it's anarchy.

I wasn't prepared last year for how seriously this city takes the holiday.  There is a massive parade where the costumes are AMAZING.  Like just the people watching.  In Vancouver, there would be a few amazing costumes.  But here?  All of them.

There are several Halloween stores, unlike the one on 2nd Avenue that has a bouncer come Halloween, but there is one that is most popular.  The weeks leading up to Halloween gets this store busier and busier.  To the point where the line-up to get in is over a city block long!  GAH!

That is why I want to get the stuff now.  I don't like crowds.  Plus I don't want to be left with the lame costume of  . . . .  I don't know what.

Anyways, I convinced the Engineer to go in.  I have found a great Cleopatra costume at Target for $30 so I thought he could be Mark Anthony.  Or at least get him looking at ideas in the store.

Oh god.  You think I have ADD?  Get the Engineer in the crazy Halloween store.

I was walking around pointing to all the costumes when I noticed he wasn't with me.  I found him in the Ninja section.  I pointed out that I suggested he go as a Ninja and he flatly refused.  Gazing at the wall of fake swords and knives he says, 'you didn't tell me there were toys'.

Already exasperated, I told him he could be anything he liked if he wanted to play with toys.

Dragging him away from the Ninja, I found a great Mark Anthony costume.  He doesn't think people will get it.  Also, the Roman helmet didn't fit his big head.  I put the Pharoh hat on him.  He looked ridiculous.

I continued searching but lost him again.  He found a gun.

I suggested a gangster.  He told me to stop suggesting things.

I found the poodle skirt.  Super cute.  But the only 50's options for him were a nerd costume (I pointed out he already has that one.  Ha ha ha.), a greaser leather jacket, or a plaid blazer supposedly Buddy Holly.  He refused to wear it.  He wants a yellow cardigan.

I thought it would be cute if I went as the Statue of Liberty and he went as Uncle Sam.  He said he did the American thing last year.  Besides, we're in NYC so it would be stupid to be the Statue of Liberty.

Harry Potter?  We could be Hermione and Ron?  Nope.  But he did play with the broom and wand.

I found a really cute Marie Antoinette costume.  He said 'bleck' to the matching French King costume.  Yes, he actually said 'bleck'.

I put a general's hat on him, he could be George Washington.  Again, the hat didn't fit.  What is with this guy's head?

Dorothy and the Tin Man?  No.  Too gay.

Aladdin and Jasmine?  He actually liked that one.  Too bad the costume for Aladdin was $100.  Also, isn't dressing as a Disney princess couple more gay than Wizard of Oz?

I found a lederhosen that he was actually quite into.  I could be Gretel.  But again, no decision.

I kept looking while he found another sword and gun.

We left with nothing. I know him.  He's going to leave it until October 30th.  And then he will say, "we should have gone as Buddy Holly and the poodle girl.  Why didn't we get the costumes?".   You may ask yourself, "why don't you just got get the costume yourself?".  Ummm, he's weird when it comes to things like this.  He likes to be involved. I just wish he would, you know, get involved.

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