Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Office Wedding

Did you watch it?

Did you cry?

Did you laugh?

Well I did.  I love love loved it!!  I loved the Youtube dance - can you imagine being the 'Forever' wedding that is now on The Office?

This is all I really have to say.  I was just so happy and it was a perfect little wedding.  I just wish now that we could all go to the reception.

Man, I wish I was on that show.  It's got to be the funnest show to be on.  Or 30 Rock.  Or my new favorite Glee.

But if you can't be in the show what do you think is the next best thing?

Being a part of a live studio audience!!!

There is a BRAND new CANADIAN show that is being filmed in front of a live studio audience!  And guess what the name is?  ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID!  Can you believe it?  When I heard the title I  nearly fainted.  That's me!

My friend is writing an episode which is super exciting.  I just think it's exciting that someone is keeping the funny in Canada.

I urge all you Vancouverites to write to the email address and go to a FREE taping!  FREE!  FREE!  Go support Canadian television, especially one that is about weddings.  HILARIOUS!

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