Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Jenna Crush

One of my favorite shows on television is The Office.  The Engineer and I are both equally obsessed with it (our other favs include 30 Rock, Big Bang Theory, and SNL).  In fact, the Engineer has oft said, 'what happens when we don't have 'The Office''?  Not we as a society, but we as a couple.  Our shared love of this show is the only thing holding this relationship together.  JJ.  We also have waterslides.

Anyways, I love the show.  I love the American version more than the British version.  Which coming from me, is a lot. I never prefer American over anything British.  Except beef.

I love Steve, I love Dwight, I LOVE love love Jim Halpert (he's on my list, not John, but Jim the character) and I love Pam.

aka Jenna Fischer.

I love her for several reasons.

One:  she is not the typical Hollywood starlet.  She's normal looking and is pretty in a way that your best friend is.

Two:  She's actually talented.  Yes friends, she got that job on merit, not breast size.

Three:  She writes a blog about being Pam where she is completely candid about her struggles to get where she is, about how fun her life is (and how much she appreciates it) and talks about the best bargains she recently picked up. Like $30 jeans?  This girl makes a ton of money now, but still gets excited over cheap jeans.  LOVE IT.

Four:  She worked really hard to get where she is.  It took years.  It gives me hope.

Five:  Her engagement story.

Which is the point of this entry.

The Engineer and I watched her on Jay Leno last night (sorry Canadian friends, I linked the video but it probably won't play in Canada) talk about her recent engagement.  It was hilarious.

Firstly, she talked about getting the ring.  They had been talking about getting married so decided to 'check out' rings in New York.  Jenna fell in love with an antique ring and quickly realized that antiques are one of a kind.  Therefore, her bf had to buy it there and then.  So she left the store, getting her finger sized on the way out, and pretended to call a friend.

I started to laugh.  I looked at the Engineer - see?  I'm not the only one who is crazy.

Jay (who is laughing at her) then said, 'so did he ask you when he got out of the store?'   Of course not, he waited until they got to Paris.  Paris?  Did you tell him to do that?  Jenna started to laugh.  'Well, I made it seem like a really good idea.'

So it wasn't a surprise then?

Again I looked at the Engineer.  He shrugs and admits he knows I am not the only one who is crazy, he just thought I was crazier than most. Jenna proved that I am definitely not crazier than most.  I am equal crazy, or less.

Like Jenna and her fiance, we too are going to London next year, it is close to Paris . . . .

Anyways, I thought it was great that some woman admitted on Jay Leno the antics us girls get up to when it comes to getting engaged.

For other Office fans, Jim and Pam are getting married on Thursday.  One hour event!!


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