Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I am a big fan of sausages.

Sadly, I am not supposed to be eating sausages because I am trying to follow the Mediterranean diet.  And as much as those hailing from the Mediterranean have so much going for them, I feel they missed out when they didn't put sausages in their diet.

The other day, in voice-over class, a girl had to do a read that was on the more sexual side.  She said she felt awkward because being 'sexy' wasn't her thing.  Another student suggested she imagine the microphone was chocolate or silk (I clearly do not love silk enough to think it would induce a sexy voice.  Give me cotton, it's the fabric of our lives), another suggested thinking of her boyfriend or a tropical beach, and without thinking, looking off into space imagining it myself, I said 'think about sausages'. Everyone cracked up.  Apparently they thought I was making a dirty joke.

I wasn't.  I was imagining a good Cumberland.

Once at brunch I asked the server how big his sausage was.  The entire table tried to suppress giggles and he nearly choked.  Not realizing my faux pas, I explained I wanted to know if I should order one or two.

After every wedding, I always insist on breakfast sausages.  It's the best way to quench the champagne tummy.

So this means I am always on the search for the perfect sausage.  As well as recipes that contain them.

If you trust my judgement and you love sausages, I suggest you try these places:

1.  Oyama Sausages at Granville Island in Vancouver
This place is AWESOME!  They use all organic meat from the Okanagan.  And not that I am all about organic, but they have a mandate to pasture raise the animals and I swear you can taste the happy meat.  Also, they have incredible recipes and variety - like butter chicken sausages and honey garlic pork sausages.  Plus it's a family run business with incredibly friendly staff.  They will give you samples and the owner is so boisterous he practically insists on taking as much sausage samples as you can handle.

2.  The British Butcher Shoppe (North Vancouver)
My mother found this place.  Being British born she is always in search of the perfect Cumberland/Lancashire Link/Northumberland and meat pies.  Again, this is a locally owned shop where the sausages are made on premises.  And get this:  THEY ARE NATURALLY LOW IN FAT!!!!!!  That's right friends!  LOW in fat!  It's because he chooses quality cuts of meat.  While you're there, you can stock up on other British favorites.  They have great steak pies, boxes of Cadbury Roses, tins of PG Tips, and British rashers (the best bacon in the world)

3.  McLean Sausages
These are organic turkey sausages available at the local grocery store.  Not only are they super tasty, but they are low fat and work really well in jambalaya - because chorizo is hard to find in Vancouver (British Butcher Shoppe has them!) and high in fat.

I love my sausages on the BBQ and then I eat them with tomatoes.  Tres yummy.  My other sausage meal ideas come from my lesbian crush:  Martha Stewart.  I don't care if you think she is an uptight preppy, this woman has wicked recipes.  Actually, it's her Everyday Food magazine that I love.  I get mine every month and look forward to seeing it in my mailbox.  They are available near magazines at the grocery store OR you can get all the recipes online:

I love jambalaya - really easy.  I use Uncle Ben's spanish rice (it's already got the spice in it) plus I throw in more veggies than it usually calls for.  And of course, YUMMY sausages!!  The most amazing spice comes all the way from the homeland:  New Orleans.

FYI - Whole Foods carries great sausages too!

I think it's time I hunt down the best of NYC when it comes to this perfect tubes of meat.  Ideas?

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