Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween = Excuse to be Slutty

As we continue our search for our Halloween costumes, I am once again shocked at how Halloween is simply an excuse to dress in a costume that is as slutty as possible.

I have no idea why this surprises me.  I remember my first Halloween in Vancouver.  My boyfriend and I went all out and rented costumes.  It was his first and only Halloween (Australian) and we wanted it to be special.  We rented Scottish costumes - he wore a kilt and I was a Scottish wench.  My friends were a princess and a prince.  Our dresses were to our toes and our boyfriends were wearing a skirt and a tunic. So at least they were slutty.

We went to the Commodore because we thought that was a good idea.

I have never felt so overdressed in my life.  There was a girl who wore leaves.  THREE leaves!  I had on a bonnet!  Needless to say, I have never made that mistake again.

Going to bars on Halloween are many levels of wrong.  One being, I am not out there to get laid.  Two, I wear costumes so that I can be dressed as something I never ordinarily can.  Like being a flapper girl.  I feel like if I wanted to be a slut I could dress like that everyday.  And three, bars are full of drunk idiots.  A few years ago, my Halloween friend T (of princess fame) went as Persephone and her husband as Hades.  No one got it.  They thought she was Eve.  Alas, she wasn't wearing only three leaves so I have no idea how they drew that conclusion.  Plus she was holding a pomegranate.  Clearly we were not dealing with a Greek mythology reading crowd.

Every store is full of these slutty costumes right now.  I think there is something wrong with them.  As I went through the rack the other day these were my choices:
- slutty Alice in Wonderland
- slutty Little Red Riding Hood
- slutty Strawberry Shortcake
- slutty Cinerdella
- slutty Dorothy
- slutty Goldilocks

You get the picture.

Oh and they don't term their costumes as 'slutty', they are called 'sexy'.  I feel like turning all my childhood stories into tales of slut is  . . . . wrong.

My personal favorite?  One of the brands at the Halloween store was called 'Trash Lingerie Halloween Costume'.


I'm a prude and I don't care.

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