Friday, July 6, 2007

Woopsie Daisie

So May 31st is well over a month ago - woopsie daisie. Cleary things got out of hand in my world. OR I have the eternal problem of most writers I know. PROCRASTINATION. Why do we do it? Why do we insist on cleaning our closet or our storage locker BEFORE sitting down in front of our pretty white MAC's and writing something/anything/a word???? Seriously, we love it and yet we try to avoid it???? But I digress. This is not about my lack of ability to get my ass in gear, this is about my life. And yet the two go together like peas in a pod. Case in point: my best friend's tea shower.

I planned a tea party shower thing for one of my best friends. I planned it and sent out evites at least 6 weeks in advance. If not more. But when did I plan the menu/ask for help/buy the gift/clean my house/decidedwhat to wear/get some flowers? That's right, the day before. THE DAY BEFORE!!!!! I literally spent a sunny Friday afternoon chasing tea cups and cream around town. And I live in Vancouver - now for anyone who lives in Vancouver presently you know that driving in our Olympic-happy city is like driving in hell (or what I imagine hell to be like). That is why i don't believe in hell. No matter how evil one is, I don't think anyone deserves to spend eternity creeping along in traffic, avoiding orange pylon things, going slow for the damn workers, and always giving way to the highly retarded pedestrians in this city who think it is okay to stop traffic so they can saunter their fat asses across the street because they are too damn lazy to walk 12 meters to the nearest trafficlight. Don't even get me started on cyclists in this city . . . .

But wait, where was I? Oh yes, tea cups. So I am running around town searching for the perfect tea cup so my best friend can one day drink out of it in New York City (where she is moving) and think to herself, "Oh this lovely tea cup, it nearly drove Stella to insanity and all because I wanted her to be a bridesmaid" It is my own fault (obviously) but what is a bridesmaid without some bitterness?? And then I had to shop for food, and more food because the first grocery store didn't have all the ingredients. Then I had to clean my house. GAH! Inviting people over seems like such a great idea until I realize I am an anal-retentive Virgo who has to wash my walls lest a newcomer to my house should notice a slight black mark and immediatly cast me as a slob. No way. So I clean. The night before. I wake up early. On a Saturday. And I clean some more. And then I bake. I BAKE!!! Scones. And I chop and mix and blend and arrange. I literally have to pull my clean clothes on as the MOG sits in my living room eating cheese.

Why do I insist on procrastiating when entertaining?? Why?? I must admit though - I throw a damn good party. Everyone always thinks so. This time my house was all sunny and my couches glowed in their white glory. I had peonies in antique tea cups, pink cushions to accentuate the girliness of the event, P & P playing on mute and delicate music softly playing in the background so we could all be transported to an English manor in the spring. I rock. And the bride rocks. She lets me do anything and if anything means no 'toilet paper bride' then I am in!!

But seriously, when (or if) I get married, I am owed BIG time. I can't wait to cash in!! But knowing me I'll procrastinate until I die and forget to get married . . . . .

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